suspended superstar changes look
source:@TWrestlingGirls, twitter, screenshot

Now that she has a lot of time off, one suspended Superstar changes her look. Plus, WWE appears to quietly drop a tag team angle.

Suspended Superstar Changes Look

At lease one woman is making the most of her unplanned time off, as a suspended Superstar changes her look.

Granted, for Sasha Banks, she pivots often enough that a change might not be that big a deal.

Banks is known for her ring attire and colored hair.

Now, she has been seen rocking an entirely different hair color.

It might be that this new look is just a stop on the way to a totally new color. Or, it could be that the new look is here to stay for a while.

The protective glasses are not, of course, a fashion statement.

suspended superstar changes look

source:@TWrestlingGirls, twitter, screenshot

Sasha Banks underwent a surgical procedure on her eyes, since she is, well…not wrestling at the moment.

Not that we would expect Banks or partner Naomi to sit at home sulking, waiting to fix things and return to WWE…but clearly Banks is not.

In terms of getting the former WWE Womens Tag Team Champions back onto television? There isn’t much movement there.

Depending on who you ask, there seems to be a belief that Banks orchestrated the entire walkout, and possibly manipulated Naomi into joining her.

It seems the backstage opinion of Banks in particular is…not good.

Regardless of who drove the effort, both women remain suspended and, as of the most recent update…there seems to be no end in sight to the suspension.

Of course, if Vince McMahon needs them, and feels they are good to go…he will find a way to get them back quickly.

So far…that has not been the case.

As we progress toward the summer, it is worth wondering if this situation gets resolved before their contracts are expected to expire.

WWE Drops Tag Team Angle

Over recent weeks, we saw it playing out on RAW…until we didn’t. It seems WWE dropped a tag team angle with no real explanation.

Which honestly is about par for the course with WWE Creative lately.

But, for weeks, it seemed like Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H were heading for certain failure.

On top of their own actions and words, any time the two performed, the announce team made mention of the discord.

Until they didn’t on this week’s RAW.

suspended superstar changes look

source: @doudropwwe, twitter, screenshot

While WWE does not announce things like this usually, it does appear that, for now, there is no imminent split for the pair.

The Wrestling Observer confirmed as much, noting that, at least for now, it appears that the impending split has been shelved.

With the way WWE Creative can work, there is always a chance it springs back to life in a week. Or, that we never see much from it again.

Perhaps for now, with the women’s tag team division in shambles, the company felt it best to keep any tag teams it had, intact at least until the tournament.