Spoilers: What To Expect At John Cena’s Return To WWE

John Cena
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John Cena is making his return to WWE after a year away. The wrestler turned Hollywood star has taken the world by storm with impressive turns in The Suicide Squad and spin-off series Peacemaker.

Cena is returning to celebrate his 20 years of being in WWE. But will it be more than a celebration? Could we see Cena back in the ring in time for Money in the Bank or maybe SummerSlam?

What does the leader of Cenation have in store? Let’s dive in. 

A New T-Shirt

Of course, the man of a thousand t-shirts will have a new one on tonight. The king of WWE merch used to have a new shirt for every single feud, so you definitely will see one tonight. 

A SummerSlam Opponent?

There’s no word yet on if Cena is returning for a match or just a one-off celebration. But if he is returning to WWE for a match, it will be interesting to see who is facing him. 

With Roman Reigns tied up again with Brock Lesnar, the only top talent with an open dance card appears to be AJ Styles. Cena was one of Styles’ first marquee opponents when the Phenomenal One came to WWE. Other options could be The Miz, Mustafa Ali, Happy Corbin, or Shinsuke Nakamura.

Or maybe…it could be HBK? 

I am just kidding. HBK should never wrestle again.

Other Surprises Tonight

There will probably be other surprises to go along with Cena’s return. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kurt Angle, Cena’s first WWE opponent, shows up. 

Less likely will be appearances from Bautista or The Rock. But hey a boy can dream. 

I don’t know what to expect. WWE has a mixed reputation for big events like this. Remember they couldn’t even get The Rock to show up for the 25th anniversary of his debut.

Are you excited for John Cena to come back? Share your thoughts. 

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