Here’s Evidence The AEW/MJF Feud Is Real Or The Greatest Work Of All Time

MJF worked shoot promo

The situation with MJF and his status with AEW has gone from twitter beef to real-life controversy to a “shoot worked” promo on Dynamite that has the whole wrestling community buzzing. But is it all real, and if so, should MJF leave AEW? 

If you haven’t seen the promo, you can watch it below.

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AEW gave a disgruntled Friedman an open mic to air his grievances about the company. The 26-year-old star ranted on everything from his lack of better payment and title opportunities to fans’ fickleness, whom he repeatedly referred to as “marks.” 

However, the promo reached a fever pitch when Friedman looked directly into the camera and urged AEW owner Tony Khan to “Fire me, you f*cking mark!” Some broadcasts censored the expletive, but the f-bomb got through for some viewers.

The promo didn’t cross any real lines until MJF dropped the f-bomb. He got a few oohs and ahhs from the crowd when he referenced Tony handing big money to ex-WWE talent, but the rest was pretty standard fake shoot promo stuff. 

Is MJF’s Feud Real? 

If MJF being disgruntled with his AEW contract is all an elaborate “work” to build a story, it will rank among the most amazing angles of all time. Assuming this, not only did AEW fool the fans but also the “dirt sheets.” The sheets all reported that MJF’s anger about money was real, and he planned to walk. Unless, of the course, the sheets are in on it, which wouldn’t surprise me but is highly unlikely. 

Reasons I think the feud between AEW and MJF is mostly real:

  • MJF did no-show a meet & greet with fans. No show is a massive no-no in wrestling.
  • Reports indicated that Friedman was nowhere to be found throughout Double or Nothing weekend and only showed up to the PPV at the last minute to lose a squash match to Wardlow. 
  • The promo was at the half-hour and not in a primetime spot to boost ratings.
  • Discovery execs were backstage at Dynamite. Would Tony have allowed MJF to fire off an f-bomb?
  • MJF was not selling any of the injuries from the Wardlow match, which ended in Friedman being carried out on a stretcher.
  • AEW has not acknowledged MJF or his promo other than in an initial promotion of the segment. 

On the other hand, this could all be fake. 

  • MJF even having an open mic indicates that Khan knew what was going to happen. 
  • Khan & MJF could have agreed to more money and to “work shoot” the angle to boost ratings and get people talking. 
  • It is wrestling, and everything is considered fake until proven otherwise. 

What do you think? Is MFJ done with AEW? Should we go to WWE? Share your thoughts 

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