Miro Signs New AEW Contract, WWE Talent Angry At Bruce Prichard

Miro Signs AEW Contract
Source: @WrestlHeadlines, Twitter, Screenshot

Miro has signed a new AEW contract that is much more lucrative than before. Also, WWE talent are not happy with Bruce Prichard.

Miro Signs New AEW Contract

Not only is Miro back on AEW TV, but has a better contract.

In an interview with “Fightful Select,” Miro noted how he took less money during the pandemic. Now, he seems much happier with the pay.

“I gave him a discount and said, Tony, I will sign for this money because it’s the pandemic,” said Miro. “But, after that year and a half, we’re coming strong.” 

“I knew that he was signing the wrong guy. He was signing the Twitch guy.” 

“He’s basing his opinions on my Twitch and that’s where the whole thing with Kip started. I knew that wasn’t me. That’s just not who I am.” 

“I knew once the year and a half was over, I was going to show him who I am and what I’m capable of and we’re going to sit down and talk like men for men’s money. That’s exactly what happened.”  

Miro is talking about his program where he partnered with Kip Sabian. It was a strange pairing and the only connection seemed to be their use of Twitch.

Since Miro returned to TV on June 1, he has been more ferocious than ever. ‘The Redeemer’ is now very busy with the new All-Atlantic Championship.

WWE Talent Angry At Bruce Prichard

Miro AEW New Contract

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

When the $3 million hush money scandal story broke, people knew there would repercussions. Already, we have seen major changes at the very top of WWE.

Vince McMahon stepped down as CEO and Stephanie McMahon took the spot. The timing is interesting as Stephanie just went on hiatus and she was buried on the way out.

John Laurinaitis was the Head of Talent Relations. Many thought he would fired as a result and that is exactly what happened. 

Currently, Bruce Prichard is the Interim Head of Talent Relations. Prichard has always been one of Vince’s most trusted executives.

As for the wrestlers, they are not as high on Prichard. In fact, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted wrestlers are reacting negatively to the change.

On the flip side, many are happy to see Stephanie as the temporary CEO. Also, Triple H is back at the Performance Center and that has helped boost morale.

”The reaction was generally negative from talent since Laurinaitis had a better relationship with most talent than Prichard,” said Dave Meltzer. “A couple of talents expressed negativity citing that Prichard is generally quiet and usually not approachable.” 

“While Laurinaitis is very approachable and open to talking. One called the move ‘scary.’”

We will have to see how the story develops. The hush money is far from over and it seems legal action could very well be the next step.

Vince has battled many challengers before and usually wins. His biggest victory came in 1993 when he defeated the United States government after being investigated for steroids.