Kenny Omega – Rehab Problem, Two NXT Wrestlers Returning Soon

Kenny Omega Rehab Problem
Source: @DrainBamager, Twitter, Screenshot

AEW star Kenny Omega has run into a problem with his rehab. Also, two former NXT champions should be back “relatively soon.”

Kenny Omega – Rehab Problem

A few years back, Kenny Omega had to make a major decision. He could stay in Japan to wrestle or see how he would be booked in WWE.

Considering his size and only being known to a smaller a group of fans, he probably would be buried. Then, some luck arrived in AEW.

The then upstart promotion was looking for some names to join the roster and taking backstage roles. Omega took on both responsibilities.

His run in AEW saw him became World Champion. Since dropping the belt, Omega has been away healing many injuries.

He was recently spotted backstage in AEW. Some hoped Omega would be ready to go for Forbidden Door, but he I still recovering.

While speaking with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Omega mentioned how his return is delayed.

Kenny Omega Slowed-Down His Own Rehab 

“In terms of timeline, I put myself back on the road to help out with some of the Owen Hart cup matches, and I felt that it was too soon,” said Omega. “It was too difficult for me to miss three or four days of rehab, and I have to put myself into a position where I was flying again, and being very hands-on with talent, and when I’m trying to agent something or trying to show something and moving around from point A to point B backstage.” 

“I’m moving quicker than I thought that I would, and I’m doing more than I thought that I would. And I’m not eating properly and I’m not resting properly and I felt that it really started to set me back.” 

“I’m not saying that I would’ve been ready for Forbidden Door had I not done it, but, when I started to recognize that it was a detriment to my recovery, I kept myself home Focusing more on what I can do remotely and I am kind of doing everything that I can for the game now to make sure that we can make release.”

AEW has a ton of major stars hurt at the moment like Jungle Boy, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson and CM Punk.

At least Omega is staying busy as fans wait for the first AEW video game.

Two NXT Wrestlers Returning Soon

Kenny Omega Rehab Problem

Source: @TheCovalentTV, Twitter, Screenshot

Speaking of injuries, Io Shirai and Zoey Stark remain out of action. Although, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned how both are set to return “relatively soon.”

Stark has been out of action since October 26 of last year. She suffered a torn ACL & Menisc during a ladder match where she teamed with Shirai.

Shirai is believed to have been injured at Stand & Deliver. Before the setback, she seemed destined for a main roster run.

She already has won women’s singles and tag gold in NXT. The biggest setback will be the ability to cut a promo as she is still learning English.