Jeff Hardy Arrested Again On DUI, Facing Jail Time & More

Jeff Hardy Arrested DUI

Jeff Hardy was arrested earlier today on DUI. Now, since he has so many strikes in Florida, he could very well be going to jail.

Jeff Hardy Arrested Again On DUI

Jeff Hardy can never catch a break and he does not make things easy. Once again, substance abuse issues have popped-up.

According to the Volusia County Division of Corrections in Florida, Hardy was arrested earlier today. He was charged with driving under the influence with a suspended license.

According to police documents, Hardy was booked at 12:45 pm. His bond is set at $3,500 and no word if he will see a judge today to enter a plea.

Currently, he remains behind bars.

Jeff has a long history with the law. He has been arrested countless times, with most charges involving drugs and/or alcohol.

In fact, he spent a brief period behind bars for distribution of steroids and painkillers. He cleaned up his act and eventually WWE let him return.

For the most part, Jeff stayed out of trouble in WWE during his latest run. Although, he was fired for an incident at a live event.

He did not look great in the ring during a six person tag match. So, he tagged out and left through the crowd.

Jeff Hardy Has A Long History Of DUI And Drug Charges

WWE gave him a drug test and offered rehab. He passed the test and declined rehab, so he was released.

When asked why he left WWE that way, Jeff could not provided an answer.

Now, Jeff is back with his brother, Matt Hardy. Together, they have reformed The Hardy Boys for a final run.

As of now, AEW, Matt or any Hardy family member has not commented. 

Seemingly, Jeff needs help as he cannot get rid go his demons. Hopefully, AEW can convince him to attend rehab for however long it takes.

Facing Jail Time & More

Jeff Hardy Arrested DUI

Source: @TheRajGiri, Twitter, Screenshot

If this is Jeff’s third DUI in Florida in ten-years, it is considered a felony according to Florida criminal statutes.

Florida is required to now impose several penalties. Here is what Hardy is facing.

– Minimum thirty days in jail, but up to five years in prison.
– Up to five years of reporting probation.
– Minimum ten-year driver’s license revocation.
– Up to $5,000 in fines.
– Ninety-day impoundment or immobilization of all vehicles owned by the driver.
– Mandatory placement of an ignition interlock device upon all vehicles owned, used, or routinely operated by the convicted driver for not less than two years.
– 50 hours of community service.
– Completion of a twenty-one (21) hour DUI Substance Abuse Course.
– Complete a psychosocial evaluation to determine if Substance Abuse Treatment is required.
– Completion of any recommended substance abuse treatment.

More will be known when Hardy’s blood alcohol level and other factors are added into the case.

From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we wish Jeff the best. Addiction is not easy to beat, but Jeff can do it.