Is Bryan Danielson Healthy, How Bad Is Cody Rhodes Hurt?

is bryan danielson healthy
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

After an interesting news item, we are now asking…is Bryan Danielson healthy? Plus, he was unable to work a match Saturday…what’s going on with Cody Rhodes?

Is Bryan Danielson Healthy?

Following a noteworthy tweet recently, we are now asking: is Bryan Danielson healthy?

Here’s the post, and you can understand the questions and concerns.

Now, given Danielson’s injury history, this could be concerning.

is bryan danielson healthy

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

As a general rule, you can fly without issues if you are suffering a concussion-so I can’t assume it’s that.

But, if it is a legit injury, bad enough to prevent him from flying? That sounds scary.

Now, there has been no formal announcement from either AEW nor Danielson at this point.

So, is Bryan Danielson healthy? From what we have heard thus far, it seems like he is the latest AEW star to go down with some injury issues.

There is some reason for optimism, however. Later on Sunday, Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer provided some additional information.

At least, in terms of the timing, that is. Per Alvarez, it is expected that Danielson will only miss one or two weeks due to the injury.

That he could not or did not fly because of it is curious, but it’s good to hear that it seems relatively minor and won’t keep him out long.

How Bad Is Cody Rhodes Hurt?

He was held out of a match on Saturday “due to injury”…so how bad is Cody Rhodes hurt?

Well…in a word…bad.

There were whispers circulating Sunday ahead of Hell In A Cell, that the injury was pretty bad.

However, all signs were pointing to Rhodes entering the structure Sunday night.

is bryan danielson healthy

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

And then, WWE shared this just ahead of the opening bell.

In a word…yikes.

It’s the worst news for Rhodes and WWE. Having just returned to the company at WrestleMania…he was hitting on all cylinders.

WWE announced that Rhodes intended to still work the Cell match, but even before the opening bell, one had to question how smart that move would be.

It is also worth noting that the initial injury was indeed suffered during RAW-fans can remember Rhodes clutching his arm while heading to the back

Now we know that was legit, not part of the plan.

And now, I’d guess WWE officials-and Rhodes-might be second guessing things. Like, why would Rhodes lift with a partial pectoral tear?

After all…a partial tear would be a significantly shorter recovery time. Now?

A quick internet search to understand how long it could take to recover from a torn pec? Not good.

If it is as bad as the tweet says, it could be a 6 month window. Now, he’s a professional athlete, afforded the best surgeons and recovery methods.

Which means he could be back a lot sooner than 6 months. But, until or unless he has it fixed, we can only guess what it means for Cody Rhodes and his immediate WWE future.

That Rhodes was able to go into the Cell, and do what he did, is all the more impressive. 

The impact of the injury was evident as early as his entrance, with his right arm basically useless. 

Once his ring jacket was off, the damage was impossible to miss. No doubt he was on some meds, but also no doubt every move hurt a ton.

If Cody needed something to help boost his own status, this was a signature victory. The question now is…how long till he can score another?

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