Five Details You Missed During Hell In A Cell

Cody Rhodes Injury

I liked Hell In A Cell a lot. Every match told a good story, and the Chicago audience was white-hot. Here’s a great recap, but here are a few of the teeny-tiny details you may have missed. 

Who is Lumberjack Joe LeDuc?

During the kickoff show, Jerry Lawler mentioned wrestling Lumberjack Joe LeDuc in a Loser Leaves Town match in the Louisville Gardens. 

Reacting to the news that Cody Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle, King noted that LeDuc tore his bicep off the bone before his match with Lawler. Despite everyone wanting Big Lumberjack to go to the hospital, he wrestled and “beat the sh*t” out of Lawler.

Lumberjack Jos LeDuc was a french Canadian wrestler who debuted in Stampede Wrestling in Calgary. LeDuc went onto to work in the Mid-South, Deep South, Montreal Florida,  & Puerto Rico.

Notably, LeDuc’s brutality against Lawler lead to the lumberjack breaking Lawler’s leg by throwing him through an announce table, back in the days when they weren’t gimmicked. LeDuc also briefly wrestled in WWF as The Butcher.

MVP’s First Match in 9 Months

In the handicap match against Lashley, MVP joined up against Omos in a losing effort. MVP was previously considered injured and retired, noted by him offing sporting a cane do the ring. MVP had not wrestled a full match since September 2021, which ironically enough was a tag match with Bobby Lashley as his partner.

Cody’s Injury

In the main event, most of the eyes were on Cody Rhodes’ gruesome pectoral injury. Tearing the muscle clean off the bone, Rhodes’ entire right side of his chest and most of his right arm were covered in a wine-purple bruise.

With surgery and rehab, Cody could be out anywhere from six months to a year. This long of a layoff is devastating for Rhodes and WWE, as some reports indicate Rhodes is pegged to be the next Unified Champion by winning Money In The Bank. Here’s to a swift recovery after a severe injury and a powerhouse performance inside Hell In A Cell. 

The Bullrope Match

Cody whipped out a bull rope and challenged Rollins to an impromptu bull rope match.

A Rhodes signature, the bull rope match was a match popularized by Dusty. Dusty ended his bloody feud with Superstar Billy Graham with a Bullrope match. 

Both sons have engaged in bull rope matches.

Seth Rollins’ Outfit

But Seth Rollins‘ look raised some eyebrows too.

Rollins came out in big yellow polka dots. This was an apparent taunt to Cody on multiple levels.

Besides the obvious of Rollins wearing the same gear as Dusty Rhodes, the polka dots in particular were reportedly used by Vince to humiliate and bring down his popularity of Rhodes when he joined WWF in the late 80s.

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