Fear Randy Orton May Miss All Of 2022, Karrion Kross’ Current Status

Randy Orton Miss 2022
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Randy Orton is injured and there is concern he will miss all of 2022. Also, the current wrestling and Hollywood status of Karrion Kross.

Fear Randy Orton May Miss All Of 2022

RK-Bro seemed like they would last maybe a month. Time passed and the unorthodox pair clicked.

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle have been nothing but short of amazing in the ring. Easily, Orton is rubbing that twenty years of experience with Riddle.

So, WWE put the RAW Tag Team Championships on the two superstars. They had a great run, which ended when losing a Unification Match to The Usos weeks back.

Since then, Orton has been absent from TV because of a back injury. After seeing a neurosurgeon, the injury is more serious than many initially believed.

Fightful Select was under the impression the injury is much worse than many hoped. If the injury is that bad, Orton could miss the rest of 2022.

“Orton has been dealing with a back injury for quite some time,” reported Fightful Select. “To the point he actually had work done to improve his condition before the tag team title unification match, though we aren’t sure of the extent of the ‘work’ that was done.” 

“We’re told that things have gotten progressively worse, and WWE fears that Orton will be forced to undergo a surgery. WWE sources that we spoke to said that if that happens, Orton would likely be out of action the rest of 2022. Thus far the exact injury is unknown.”

WWE had big plans for Orton heading into the Summer. He could have feuded with Roman Reigns and then he still has teammate Riddle.

Already, WWE is down top stars like Roman Reigns, John Cena and Cody Rhodes.

Karrion Kross’ Current Status

Randy Orton Miss 2022

Source: @ProWFinesse, Twitter, Screenshot

Karrion Kross came to WWE with lots of hype from his short time in Impact Wrestling. He signed with WWE and quickly jumped right into the main event scene in NXT.

He demolished opponents and within months was NXT World Champion. Kross relinquished the title due to injury, but recaptured the gold once he returned.

His main roster run was nothing great. He lost random matches, was poorly booked and given some strange gladiator attire.

After a short stint, WWE released Kross. While speaking on Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Kross noted how he wanted to convince his fans in Hollywood and pro wrestling to attend all his events.

“I’ve got a film we’re supposed to be working on this year that’s been delayed to the end of the year just for COVID precautions or something like that from the beginning of the year,” said Kross. “I’m excited about that.” 

“It’s going to be happening near the end of the year now. I’m reviewing some scripts for some films and for television.”

“I’m hoping, and I was hoping to do this through WWE at the time, but I’m hoping through television and film that I will be able to acquire some new fans to bring them back to wrestling so they could be like, ‘Who’s this guy? Oh, he’s a wrestler. Where is he wrestling?’ I would just like to keep wrestling.”

So far, Kross has mostly stayed away from major wrestling promotions. Basically, he seems focused on Hollywood at the money.