Did WWE Offer Paige A New Contract? + Top NXT Star Injured

WWE Paige New Contract

Paige is leaving WWE, but did they offer her a new contract? Also, a top wrestler on NXT 2.0 was apparently injured at a live event.

Did WWE Offer Paige A New Contract?

 A few days ago, Paige noted on social media how her WWE contract is up on July 7. In less than thirty days, the former two-times Divas Champion will be free to sign anywhere.

During a recent Twitch stream, she noted how WWE did not offer her a new contract. Also, she added how there is no non-compete clause. 

She even spoke to Vince McMahon about her upcoming departure.

“We’re having a normal conversation and it’s like, ‘So, we’re not gonna renew your contract,’” said Paige. “I texted Vince McMahon and he texted back.” 

“Everyone was respectful about it. It’s a bummer. They are keeping the door open, both Vince and Johnny [John Laurinaitis] said they’ll keep the door open, but that’s usually what companies say.”

“I do feel if I ever went back, it would make it more special. If WWE ever asked me to do something, it would be that much more special.” 

“There’s nothing I can do, I wish I could stay longer. WWE doesn’t want to re-sign me.” 

“It’s not my decision. I don’t want anyone to think it’s my decision to walk away.”

Questions About The Wrestling Future Of Paige

Already, people are speculating about what is next for Paige. The belief is she will start wrestling again.

AEW would seem like the top choice for Paige. Although, there is still Impact Wrestling and NWA.

Paige’s run in WWE has been full of ups and downs. She was given a huge push upon debuting on the main roster.

A neck injury, surgery, a toxic relationship with Alberto Del Rio and private footage being leaked were some issues. And, she had to deal with all that at once.

Finally, in late 2017, she was cleared to compete again. The return was short-lived after getting injured during a live event.

A few months later, Paige announced her retirement from in-ring competition. WWE kept her around in various roles, but she has been off TV for awhile now.

Certainly, there has to be a good chance Paige does get back inside the ring. Many others, like Bryan Danielson and Edge, have been fortunate enough to get a second chance wresting.

Hopefully, the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion finds what she is looking for outside of WWE. 

Top NXT Star Injured

WWE Paige New Contract

Source: @prowrestlingmag, Twitter, Screenshot

NXT just returned to the road after a lengthy hiatus because of Covid. So, of course, they are dealing with an injury.

Tony D’Angelo took on Cameron Grimes on the card. Basically, the match was stopped after D’Angelo suffered what seems to be a shoulder injury.

As of now, there is no word if the injury will cause D’Angelo to miss any action. If it does mean time away, the timing is awful.

D’Angelo has been a major player and one of the standouts from NXT 2.0. At In Your House, he won control over Legado Del Fantasma. 

We will keep an eye on the situation to see the results.

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