Details On Jeff Hardy DUI & Future With AEW, Virgil Tweets Apology

Jeff Hardy DUI AEW
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As reported earlier, Jeff Hardy was arrested for yet another DUI, adding this to a long list of similar charges over the years. WNZ has some more information about this story and the AEW superstar’s future.

Details On Jeff Hardy DUI & Future With AEW

As per TMZ, Hardy was picked up by the Florida Highway Patrol on Monday morning with a BAC of .294 and .291 within two breathalyzer tests. The state’s BAC legal limit is .08.

According to the report, police received four calls about Jeff’s Dodge Charger driving “erratically” along the Volusia County highway. When the police caught up to Hardy’s car, it was driving “significantly” under the speed limit.

It was also running off the shoulder of the highway and weaving across lanes. In addition, when Jeff was stopped, he seemed to be confused and in a stupor.

The 44-year-old AEW superstar displayed numerous signs of being drunk and smelled badly of alcohol. The report notes that Hardy’s license was suspended due to his last DUI convictions.

It also states he has a driving restriction where he must have an interlock device in his car. Hardy’s vehicle did not have this device when he was pulled over.

Jeff Hardy DUI – What Does His Future Hold With AEW?

While Hardy has posted bond, it appears he won’t be at the AEW Road Rager event. The Hardys were booked in a triple threat match against the Young Bucks and Jurassic Express for the titles, but the bout has been scrapped.

AEW’s Twitter handle recently tweeted to promote the Road Rager event. Unfortunately, the tag title triple threat was missing from the line-up.

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer also chatted about this during a recent edition. He states that while AEW hasn’t publicly commented on Hardy’s arrest, WarnerMedia has been asked to stop promoting Jeff in ads and commercials, effective immediately.

As this is Jeff Hardy’s third DUI, he could face jail time to the degree of 10 years. WNZ will continue to keep fans updated on this ever-evolving situation.

Meanwhile, working alongside the biggest heel at the time, Ted DiBiase, Virgil was a major part of WWE in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Suffering from stage 2 colon cancer, he recently took the time to apologize to those he’s wronged.

Virgil Tweets Apology

The former Million Dollar Champion jumped on Twitter to apologize to all those he’s done wrong over the years. The post was presented in a series of tweets.

Jeff Hardy DUI AEW

Source: @WWFWrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

The WWE legend recently blasted his former colleague Ted DiBiase for not calling him during his fight against cancer. However, it seems that Virgil is ready to let go of any anger and move forward with kindness and peace.

Virgil Also Says Thanks

In addition to his apology, Virgil thanks Chris Jericho as well as Paul Orndorff’s son (plus “others”) who have reached out to him to offer help. He also thanked the fans who have prayed for him and provided donations.

Virgil offers a bit of an update in the post, stating he’s at his “first” finish line. He also provides a PayPal address for those who would like to donate.

WNZ wishes the former WWE superstar the best during this hard road. Here’s hoping he is able to fully recover from this terrible illness.