Could Superstar Change Role? And, Wrestling Legend Announces Retirement

could superstar role change
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

After a big loss, could one WWE Superstar see a change to their current role? And another wrestling legend announces his impending retirement.

Could Superstar Change Role?

After losing a big match on the last SmackDown, many fans-myself included-wondered…could a Superstar change his role soon?

Specifically, could we see a change for Sami Zayn?

It’s been forever and a day since Zayn last worked in WWE as a face. Fans did enjoy his time as one, especially going back to NXT.

But, he’s also been a reliable heel. 

However, lately he’s become the lackey for Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. And on Friday’s most recent SmackDown, Zayn lost on their behalf.

And, it wasn’t just a little loss.

By losing to Riddle, this means that The Original Bro has a title shot against Roman Reigns this coming Friday.

Unless, of course, things change.

could superstar role change

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

But, either way, Sami Zayn’s loss is causing Roman Reigns issues.

So could Sami’s Superstar role change?

Ringside News joined in on the speculation, believing that this major loss could possibly be a catalyst for the character change.

As good as Zayn has been as a heel, perhaps it is time to spruce things up.

And what better way to reboot a character, then following some time off after a beating from The Bloodline.

We recently saw WWE do this for Madcap Moss, so it’s not entirely impossible for Sami to get a similar treatment.

And with Reigns said to be on TV this Friday, perhaps it happens that soon?

Or, perhaps WWE drags this out a wee bit longer. 

Either way, it certainly does seem more and more likely that this union between Zayn and The Bloodline is most likely heading for and end where Zayn changes his role.

Wrestling Legend Announces Retirement

Another wrestling star changes his role, as the legendary Great Muta announces his retirement.

There is a silver lining, of sorts. While he announced his retirement, he did not yet retire.

Muta, real name Keiji Mutoh, announced over the weekend that he intends to hang them up in Spring of 2023.

According to his comments, his plan is to work five more matches before calling it a career.

The Japanese legend, who has worked all around the world and enjoyed time in WCW as well, debuted almost 40 years ago.

could superstar change role

source: @hi5ame, twitter, screenshot

His career is legendary, and by announcing his retirement plans, you can expect those final five matches to be hot tickets.

And, as close as he is to the 40 year mark for a career, his retirement was not his call.

Sounds like he wanted to keep going!

A couple interesting points, just to add to the fun.

First…Muta could easily be put in the WWE Hall of Fame, even though he never worked for Vince McMahon.

WWE has inducted global legends before, including WCW alums who never worked for WWE…since the company owns all of those assets.

Second…while I doubt that is in the immediate cards, I do find it at least curious that Muta said wrapping up in spring.

Because….well…WrestleMania and the WWE Hall of Fame happen in spring, like clockwork.

While I am not expecting that to be his final match…going out on the grandest stage of them all seems quite fitting for The Great Muta.

It’s fun to dream…