Could John Cena Wrestle Soon, Reason For Stephanie McMahon Exit

john cena wrestle again
source: @PHLEaglesNation, twitter, screenshot

Now that he’s been announced for a return to RAW, could John Cena wrestle again soon? And, is a legal matter the reason for Stephanie McMahon’s WWE exit?

Could John Cena Wrestle Soon

We are set to see him back on RAW in a couple weeks, but could John Cena wrestle again soon?

The future WWE Hall of Famer has been away from the company for quite some time.

He’s kept busy, of course, working in Hollywood quite a bit.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of his WWE debut, it’s been announced that John Cena will be on RAW later this month.

Now, there are people asking, could John Cena wrestle again soon?

In a word…yes. Well, maybe.

According to the Observer, Cena is at least talking about a SummerSlam match.

Not just some fluff match, either.

john cena wrestle again

source: @PHLEaglesNation, twitter, screenshot

It would seem likely that Cena might be poised to work a match against Vince McMahon’s protege, Theory.

In recent weeks, the two Superstars have traded barbs via social media.

It would appear that the interaction was not by accident.

Now would also be a good time to point out, it’s been said that some have seen a lot of Cena in Theory.

Thus, we could see a battle between the original Cena, and the next Cena, if you will.

And, barring some snag, it should happen this summer at, of course, SummerSlam.

Considering his rise, and bright future, my money would be on Theory getting the biggest win of his young career against the former United States Champion.

For now, we can just wait in anticipation for Cena’s return to RAW. That happens on June 27, so fans have a couple weeks left to wait.

Once he returns, I’d bet he’s going to put over Theory in a big way.

Reason For Stephanie McMahon Exit

We know she took a leave of absence, but we’ve yet to hear more of a reason for Stephanie McMahon’s exit.

Now, that may be changing.

And, if the whole exit wasn’t interesting enough already…it’s getting even better.

Per Meltzer in the Observer, Stephanie McMahon’s exit was in motion before it was announced. That she wanted to leave surprised her father, but plans of succession were underway before the public announcement.

Since stepping away, Stephanie McMahon has been painted in a bad light…and once you hear what comes next, there may be a reason for it all.

Per the Observer, it’s worth wondering if the ongoing MLW-WWE legal battle has at least something to do with her departure.

As for why?

john cena wrestle again

source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot

MLW had a streaming deal lined up with Tubi.

Tubi is a streaming service owned by FOX.

FOX broadcasts SmackDown. And it seems that Stephanie McMahon informed FOX that they needed to kill the streaming deal, or risk losing WWE.

While it is understandable why WWE might not wish to share space with another promotion…a deal between MLW and Tubi seems like an odd fight for WWE to have.

Now, it is not 100% confirmed that the legal issues are what drove McMahon away. But according to the Observer, more and more rumblings are implying that there may be something to it.