Alex Volkanovski’s Coach Talks Possible Charles Oliveira Fight

Alexander Volkanovski

Eugene Bareman was a guest recently on Submission Radio. And the coach for Alex Volkanovski had a lot to say.

Bareman discussed a potential match with Charles Oliveira, the uncrowned UFC lightweight champion. First, though, Volkanovski will defend his title against Max Holloway.

“Personally, I don’t think the fight is necessary at all. But like I said, that’s just my personal view. You beat someone twice. But like, I’m not the person that pushes the buttons behind the scenes, and the fans want to see another fight, Max has done really well and showed why he’s a champion. He’s had two really good wins over two really top-class opponents. So has Alex. So, even though I don’t think the fight necessarily needs to happen cause we’ve already won twice, I’m not against it happening again. It’s another good challenge, and if it’s what the people want to see, let’s give it to them.”

After that, Oliveira could be in the cards for Volkanovski.

“Definitely Oliveira’s the more difficult match-up in my opinion. Again, it just depends. Oliveira has a more well-rounded skillset, so there’s more to deal with. I mean, Islam’s got good stand-up, but that just depends on who you are looking in, I guess. But yeah, I just think Oliveira would be a more well-rounded skillset for Volk to deal with. Whereas Islam, perhaps we could narrow a couple of things down and concentrate on those few things. Which is easier said than done, because just like in much the fashion of Khabib, Islam excels. He may only do one or two aspects of the sport really, really well, but he does them at the highest level. So, that’s the difficulty.”

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