AJ Lee Has Props For AEW Wrestler, Roman Reigns – SummerSlam

AJ Lee AEW Wrestler
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AJ Lee watches AEW and has major props for one particular wrestler (and it is not CM Punk). Also, the current status of Roman Reigns competing at WWE SummerSlam.

AJ Lee Has Props For AEW Wrestler

Ever since AEW debuted, they have been taking flack in one particular area. Many believe their women’s division needs to be improved and not focused on mostly Britt Baker.

On “The Sessions with Renée Paquette,” a familiar name stopped by in AJ Lee. She watches the product and had major praise for Serena Deeb.

“I’ve been watching some AEW,” said AJ. “I’ve got to say, I love so many people on the roster.” 

“I think the best wrestler they have is Serena Deeb. Serena and I go way back.”

“I was in FCW and I was the first indie female they had signed in like a decade or something. It was this huge deal.” 

“I only had two years of experience. When she came in, it was like I was drowning and this wonderful person came in to save me.” 

“She was an indie wrestler that had a lot of experience. She was so good and she taught me so much in a very short period of time and then got injured, and then I had to step up and be the locker room leader.”

“All I did was just mimic what she taught me. It made me a better wrestler.” 

“I honestly credit her teaching me and then passing that torch to me for me becoming a good wrestler, and everything else that happened afterwards success wise. So she’s the beginning of a chapter for me and to see her shine now is amazing.”

AJ Lee And Her Connection To AEW

Deeb was part of the NWA when AEW was being created. She was able to work some AEW shows, which led to Tony Khan buying out her contract.

So far, the year has been pretty good for Deeb. She was unable to win the AEW Women’s Championship at Double Or Nothing, but remains a top contender.

As for AJ, she has mostly moved past working inside the ring. If she ever wanted back on TV, she has a connection with Khan.

Of course, AJ is married to the current current AEW World Champion, CM Punk.

Roman Reigns – SummerSlam

AJ Lee AEW Wrestler

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Despite holding some major titles, Roman Reigns now works a much lighter schedule. He has not wrestled at some recent pay per views and that trend will continent at Money in the Bank.

Although, WWE still plans on having Reigns defend both titles at SummerSlam. That will be July 30 out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Seemingly, Reigns has toppled everyone on WWE’s roster. So, an opponent for SummerSlam will not be the easiest to book.

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre have been discussed. However, Rhodes is now hurt and McIntyre probably gets a  match out of London.

Whoever gets the match SummerSlam, they will have to stop an unbeatable force. For about two years now, nobody has been able to defeat Reigns and take the gold.

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