WWE Tag Champs Walked Out Of Raw — Here’s Why

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WWE advertised a Six Pack Challenge to determine the number 1 contender for the RAW Women’s Title. Becky Lynch, Asuka, Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H and Women’s Tag Champs Sasha Banks & Naomi. Suddenly, during the middle of the show Adam Pearce and Becky Lynch mentioned that Naomi and Sasha had “walked out” of RAW and now that match was a one-on-one between Becky and Asuka

It appears that this isn’t an angle or a story. Sasha Banks and Naomi really did walk out of RAW. 

Sasha Banks & Naomi Leave RAW 

According to PWInsider, and Fightful, Sasha Banks was not pleased with the direction of the match and voiced her concerns to Vince McMahon, after the meeting Sasha left and Naomi followed. 

As for what reason did the champs leave? There’s nothing concrete by reports indicating that Naomi was scheduled to win the match to become the Number 1 contender. Perhaps Sasha was upset that WWE was already teasing a break-up angle.

WWE even went as far to release a statement about the incident. 

Corey Graves referenced on air as well. 

Wrestlers React To The News

Big Damo (husband of Nikki ASH) also was shocked by the news.

Are Naomi and Sasha Banks Done With WWE? 

We have no clue, but literally dropping your belts with the head of talent relations and walking out would indicate that they aren’t coming back to TV soon. 

I understand creative decisions can be frustrating and WWE’s penchant for breaking up tag teams is predictable, but this match involved more than just the two of them. And if it involved Naomi winning, it makes Sasha’s dislike of the situation even more suspect. 

Sure she could say she was protesting the treatment of the tag team, but the direct consequence is that Naomi did not get to become the Number 1 contender and Doudrp and Nikki ASH were both left out of the main event opportunity.

There have been a lot of unsubstantiated rumors about Sasha Banks complaining backstage about her position, especially when it comes to losing a title. 

I don’t think either one of them will leave the company immediately. Sasha certainly can go somewhere immediately but Naomi, who is related to three of the top stars in WWE at the moment, is most likely staying put.

But who knows? Wrestling changes constantly and this whole situation reads very bizarrely. 

It is bizarre that the Boss & Glow left, it is bizarre that WWE released a statement about it while burying their own talent, it is bizarre that it was mentioned twice on TV. 

And for what it is worth, Sasha Banks has removed all references to WWE from her Instagram profile 

Last year Sasha requested her released after feeling she wasn’t be used properly

Unpopular Opinion Incoming…

I know I am supposed to side with the worker against big bad evil WWE but taking your ball quiting your job in the real world gets you fired. Sasha knows her power though, and seems to think she can extract some more from WWE. 

And for those saying she should “go to AEW” give it a rest. AEW’s womens’ division is astrocious and Sasha would be wrestling indie no-names on Dark Elevation in a month’s time. No she’s either in WWE or she’s going back to Hollywood.

We will keep you updated as we learn more about this situation. 

Never a dull moment in WWE. 

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