Why Unifying The WWE Tag Team Titles Is A Terrible Idea

WWE Tag Titles

Tonight on SmackDown, RAW Tag Champs RKBro, and Smackdown Tag Champs, The Usos, will face off to unify WWE’s major tag team wrestling belts.

And while I know this will be an absolute banger of a match that will tear the house down, I can’t help but feel that combining the titles is a poor idea. It does appear that WWE is getting rid of the hard brand split, but I still think there is room for two tag titles.

Shrinks The Tag Pool

The first problem is that it makes it harder for teams to compete for the belt. Teams like the Street Profits and Alpha Academy will not have as direct a path to the tag titles as they would if one title were dedicated to each show. 

With the belts floating from show to show, will that mean the entire tag division is brandless?

Now What? 

Another issue is once you unify the belts, what will be the plan for them moving forward? Will each time have to carry four straps around like they’re Ultimo Dragon? 

Overall, I think this is a poorly thought-out exercise. You have the two best tag teams going right now, and it makes sense that you would want them to compete against one another. But why not wait until Survivor Series? Does this match-up need the added stakes of a title match to be successful? I don’t think so. 

Both RKBro and the Usos are strong enough to carry the belts independently, so that isn’t much of a concern. And while it will be nice to see actual tag team wrestling featured in the main event, this unification does leave a lot more questions than answers. 


I think RKBro wins, but anything is possible. 

What do you think about the WWE Tag Title unification? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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