Tommaso Ciampa WWE Plans Switched, Cody Rhodes Gifts Special Item

Tommaso Ciampa WWE Plans
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Tommaso Ciampa was a major NXT star when Triple H was running the brand. From main eventing a number of pay-per-views (PPVs) to plenty of TV time, he was on top of his game. Now he’s on the main roster, and it seems like his plans are being continually switched.

Tommaso Ciampa WWE Plans Switched

As per a report from Fightful Select, Tommaso worked as a face during Main Event tapings this week before Monday Night RAW. This is interesting, as he’s currently playing heel on the Red brand.

Ciampa attacked a returning Mustafa Ali on last week’s RAW, turning heel in the process. Meanwhile, during the Main Event tapings, he competed against Apollo Crews, playing a babyface, and scored the win.

Tommaso Ciampa WWE Plans Switched … Again!

In addition, the report notes that Ciampa was originally supposed to have a match with Finn Balor for Main Event. Internal notes had him working heel in the bout.

For whatever reasons, plans were switched around … again and again! Perhaps the WWE is feeling out how Ciampa will fair in both roles when it comes to main roster audiences.

Still, he’d be amazing as either heel or face. Tommaso is that type of talent.

Tommaso entered NXT in 2015. During his time there, he not only had an epic rivalry with Johnny Gargano, but scored the NXT Championship twice, and the NXT Tag Titles.

Regardless of playing a good guy or bad guy, here’s hoping the WWE continues to invest in him by providing appropriate television time. He’s a unique and outstanding talent.

Speaking of someone who can play both heel and face, Cody Rhodes continues to make a splash in the WWE. He recently appeared on After the Bell with Cory Graves and left behind a special keepsake for the announcer.

Cody Rhodes Gifts Special Item

Since returning to the WWE at WrestleMania 38, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes has been on fire. His stellar matches and promos have kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Tommaso Ciampa WWE Plans

Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

Currently listed as the #2 babyface on RAW within internal WWE documents, he also had an interesting interview with Cory Graves on After the Bell recently. He talked about many different things.

One interesting topic was what his goals are now in the WWE. Rhodes also stated that he was “serious” about bringing back the legendary winged-eagle championship.

Something From Dusty Rhodes

The official Twitter account of the WWE recently posted some “behind-the-scenes” footage of the Graves/Rhodes interview. During the video, Cody presents Graves with a special family token.

In fact, the gift happened to be Dusty Rhodes’s cowboy hat. Fans can tell this gift meant the world to Graves.

After all, Dusty Rhodes was an inspiration to all, but especially the young recruits that were under him during his time at NXT. Graves started out his WWE career in the developmental brand.

Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes is gearing up for his rematch against Seth Rollins, from WM 38. The bout takes place this Sunday at WrestleMania Backlash PPV.

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