Sonny Kiss Talks AEW TV Absence, Why Undertaker Fears Cucumbers

Sonny Kiss AEW TV
Source: @AEW, Twitter, Screenshot

While still “active” on the AEW Dark and the company’s YouTube channel, Sonny Kiss has not been seen on TV for quite a while now. She recently hopped on social media to comment on her absence from AEW television.

Sonny Kiss Talks AEW TV Absence

Twitter user @Kenny69MeDon posted a video recently of Sonny Kiss and her introduction to AEW in 2019. The fan pointed out that Kiss has been absent from television for 580 days.

As you can see from the tweet above, he mocks the phrase “AEW is for everyone.” The post above also shows Kiss addressing the fan about her hiatus from AEW TV.

It’s clear there’s nothing more Sonny would love than to be on AEW TV. What wrestler wouldn’t?

Sonny Kiss & AEW TV – Her History

Her last Dynamite match was in October 2020. Kenny Omega defeated her in the first round of the World Championship Eliminator tourney.

Since signing with AEW, she’s never been on Rampage and has wrestled a total of 8 matches on Dynamite. With that said, Kiss has been feuding with former tag partner Joey Janela on YouTube programs.

She was also on this week’s episode of AEW Dark, defeating Charlie Bravo. In fact, Sonny’s had two back-to-back victories on AEW Dark, as it stands.

Over to the land of WWE, the Undertaker is one of the most feared WWE superstars of all time. Not only by fans but opponents too.

This makes it that much more interesting to learn that he has a huge fear of… cucumbers? More on this story, below.

Why Undertaker Fears Cucumbers

Yes, you read right. The American Badass is afraid of cucumbers!

Sonny Kiss AEW TV

Source: @RingsideIntel, Twitter, Screenshot

Taker’s wife, Michelle McCool, recently offered some insight on why her hubby is terrified of the green veggie during the Wives of Wrestling Podcast. As Ms. Taker notes, they can’t even have one in the room.

In fact, Michelle states he can’t stand the smell of them. Taker just can’t be around them.

What’s the reason behind his cuc-phobia? According to McCool, he ate so many cucumbers once that he got sick.

Ever since that day, he can’t be around them. Michelle went on during the podcast and offered other tidbits about her life with the Undertaker.

Michelle and Taker Are Stubborn

No surprise here, Michelle reveals that she and Taker are both stubborn and “hold everything in”. However, she does say that she knows how he feels and he knows how she feels.

With that said, McCool reveals that she wears her heart on her sleeve a little more than her hubby, which makes sense. Sounds like they have a strong relationship.

The Undertaker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this past April, headlining the event. At the ceremony, he reflected on his in-ring career and thanked his wife and family for their incredible support.

He also teased that he may return to the ring one day by stating “never say never”. However, it’s safe to say that he’d stay far away if there was a cucumber stipulated added to the match.