More On Naomi & Sasha Banks Walk-Out, Ricky Steamboat Return

Naomi Sasha Banks Walk-Out
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As most WWE fans know by now, Sasha Banks and Noami walked out of Monday Night RAW yesterday, before it even started. Apparently, they did not agree with the direction Creative had for them. Now, there’s an update on this story. More below.

More On Naomi & Sasha Banks Walk-Out

The internet has been buzzing about Banks and Naomi taking off before RAW began this week. In fact, word has it that they left their WWE Women’s Tag Team titles with Lohn Laurinaitis prior to leaving.

As per reports, it seems they didn’t like the direction of RAW’s main event. However, there appears to be much more to this story.

Fightful Select has released a report stating that Naomi was to score a RAW Women’s Championship match at Hell in a Cell (HIAC). This was not the match they wanted for this pay-per-view (PPV).

According to the report, Naomi didn’t want to face Bianca Belair for the Women’s title at HIAC. She and Banks pitched a WWE Women’s Tag Title bout against Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop.

Vince McMahon declined the WWE Women’s Tag match at HIAC. Apparently, he also nixed an idea that would see Doudrop and A.S.H. interfere in Naomi/Belair bout at the PPV.

More On The Reason Behind Naomi & Sasha Banks Walk-Out

The report also indicates that Banks and Naomi had two main issues. The first was with the women’s tag team division as a whole, and the other was the direction of them as a tag team.

WWE released a statement that hinted Banks and Naomi were “uncomfortable” working with two talents. The Fightful report also reveals that no talents had ever heard that Naomi or Sasha considered anyone “unsafe” until that statement was issued.

WWE seemingly not only threw shade on the ladies through the statement they released, but Corey Graves also made some comments during the RAW broadcast against them. More information on this situation should trickle down as the week progresses.

Ric Flair recently announced he was returning to the squared circle, which shocked fans considering his age and how long he’s been in retirement. Now it seems a former opponent of his is doing just the same.

Ricky Steamboat Return

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is gearing up for an in-ring return! As per Fightful, at the age of 69, Steamboat has been training up a storm to come out of retirement.

Naomi Sasha Banks Walk-Out

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The report also notes that both Ricky and Flair returning at the same time isn’t a coincidence. Their feud was legendary, and there’s a plan to have the two in a match together, although it won’t be one-on-one.

Ric & Ricky’s Match – What It’ll Look Like

As per the report, Ric Flair will team up with FTR to face Ricky Steamboat and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. The match is set to take place at Starrcast on July 31st in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is the first bout Steamboat has participated in since 2010. He teamed up with his son Richie for a Father’s Day Salute event with Florida Championship Wrestling on June 18th of that year.

The duo defeated Caylen Croft and Trent Barretta. Will Ricky and his team be able to beat Naitch and FTR in July?