More Bad News For Big E, Push In AEW To Sign Free-Agent

Bad News Big E
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Big E has received more bad news regarding his neck. And, there is a big push for AEW to sign a former WWE wrestler.

More Bad News For Big E

For a decade, fans wanted to see Big E win the big title. WWE also saw potential, but he was always busy with the New Day.

Eventually, WWE pulled the trigger and Big E became WWE Champion. About 120 days later and his title reign was over.

While the reign did not last long, even more trouble was brewing, During an episode of SmackDown in March, Big E broke his neck.

The moment occurred when he took an overhead belly-to-belly suplex from Ridge Holland. Big E landed on his neck on the outside and bounced.

We already noted how Big E’s road to recovery was not going as well as hoped. He still needs the neck brace and will have to wear it for another four to six weeks.

He is looking avoid spinal fusion surgery. If he needs to go under the knife, he will be out of action for over a year.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed the process Big E is gong through.

“Big E released news that his C-1 vertebrae is not healing as well as hoped for,” said Meltzer. “He will remain in a neck brace for the next four to six weeks with the hope things get better and he can avoid neck fusion surgery.” 

“Depending on the type of surgery, they would do, fusion surgery could mean anywhere from six to about 15 months on the shelf. But usually is more than a year.”

We have seen wrestlers undergo neck surgery and miss about a year. Besides healing, the rehab part takes long too.

Of course, there is always the unfortunate chance he will not be cleared to wrestle. Big E is such a positive person, that his attitude hopefully sees him healthy and back in the ring.

Push In AEW To Sign Free-Agent

Bad News Big E

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Right now, the Gargano family are free agents. Johnny Gargano’s contract expired months ago and Candice LeRae’s just ended.

What is interesting, is that WWE did not add time to LeRae’s contract. She was out for over around nine months as she was pregnant.

At first, LeRae still appeared on TV. Although, that slowly stopped and when her husband did not re-sign, she was already off TV.

We already noted how some believe the duo are headed to AEW as part of the Owen Hart Tournament. The men and women’s side have a joker slot.

If they are headed to AEW, it seems like a package deal. Meltzer noted how many in power want LeRae in AEW.

“Candice LaRae (Candace Gargano, 36) had her contract expire over the weekend,” said Meltzer. “Many close to the situation expected WWE to freeze her contract due to her being out of action due to pregnancy.” 

“But what would be a terrible public look to have done so when she didn’t sign a new deal. There is no non-compete so she and her husband Johnny are both free agents.” 

“While we don’t know Tony Khan’s thoughts on the matter, it is obvious that there are people in power at AEW who would want her in the company.”

Both are very talented wrestlers who have plenty of friends in AEW. It would be a good fit, but one has to wonder if the couple wants to spend more family time first.

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