Details You Missed On The May 23rd Monday Night Raw

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The May 23rd RAW featured an announcement that Randy Orton was sidelined with a back injury. Riddle used the opportunity to call out Roman Reigns, possibly setting up a title opportunity for the Bro. 

Becky Lynch begged for one last chance to face off against Bianca Belair in the other title picture. Adam Pearce granted her request, but with the stipulation that the match will be a triple threat if she wins. Lynch won a solid back, and forth that saw Bianca Belair knocked out by an errant kick from Asuka

Here are two little details I noticed.

Edge Adds To Judgement Day? 

Edge called out John Cena for being placed at the top of the mountain. Edge and Cena were frequent rivals throughout the mid-2000s. 

Edge also named some of the wrestlers he had previously tweeted about. But Edge continued to train his focus on rival AJ Styles, appealing to the veteran’s health. 

Styles & Liv Morgan faced off against Damien Priest and Rhea Ripley, with Judgement Day winning and beating Styles and Morgan to stand tall. Balor was not there to make the save.

Was Balor not there on purpose? Is he on the verge of joining Judgement Day? 

Is Alexa Bliss Still Haunted? 

Alexa Bliss has been on a winning streak since her return. The new Alexa is humble and quiet…too quiet. She still has her doll Lily with her wherever she goes. Now, this could be a merch plug, or something far more sinister. Plus, there’s the matter of the creepy red light following her.

As you can see, a faint red light is following Alexa in interviews. Could this be a sign that her Fiend character is still haunting her? Will we see a return to Alexa’s Firefly Funhouse? 

Fans are noticing. 

This wouldn’t be the first time WWE foreshadowed with background lighting. The company did the same thing to signal Rhea Ripley teaming up with Edge.

It would make sense for Alexa Bliss to return to her darker path. Especially right now. It looks like Alexa is back and not doing much on the surface. It would be the perfect left turn to learn that she is still haunted by the darkness that put her on the shelf for such a long time. 

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