Joe Gacy Has New Friends, AEW Star Has Surgery

joe gacy new friends
Credit: WWE, YouTube screenshot

After seeing one charge get released, we’ve learned that Joe Gacy has some new friends in NXT. Plus, one AEW star has surgery.

Joe Gacy Has New Friends

Worry not, WWE fans…while Harland is gone, Joe Gacy has some new friends to keep him company in NXT.

Gacy challenged Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship in the main event of Tuesday’s “Spring Breakin'” special.

Breakker retained…but it was what happened after the show that is noteworthy.

As the match progressed, some hooded and robed figures appeared.

While we might have been expecting an on-air angle, that did not happen.

The special went off-air with Breakker holding up his title belt, unaware that two masked and hooded figures were on the apron, waiting to attack.

joe gacy new friends

source: WWE, YouTube screenshot

Now, WWE has posted the actual attack to it’s YouTube channel.

The as-yet-unknown pair attacked the NXT Champion with steel chairs and wound up carry Breakker out of the arena.

So, for those of you keeping score at home…WWE did release Gacy’s single biggest charge-Harland.

And, they’ve now given him at least a couple new followers.

Who they are remains to be seen, but it seems likely to be some newer faces who needed a way to get on TV.

Of course, there would some fans who might feel as though NXT’s Gacy is in some ways mimicking a certain former Superstar, who is currently a free agent.

While the gimmick is a bit different, with Gacy being more of a “woke” character, the cult leader with a following part of it is hard to ignore.

It will be very interesting to see who has become aligned with Gacy. Perhaps we will find out next week…

AEW Star Has Surgery

In a bit of gruesome news, one AEW has surgery…and showed off the scar to prove it.

Fuego del Sol recently experienced a nasty infection in his mouth. Apparently, Britt Baker couldn’t fix him.

The infection was severe enough to require surgery to help alleviate the infection, and as part of the procedure, he got himself a drainage tube.

In his neck.

And, the tube has now been removed…and he’s left with a pretty gnarly scar.

joe gacy new friends

source: @fuegodelsol, twitter, screenshot

He posted about it, and one AEW referee made the mistake of asking for proof. Which Fuego del Sol happily provided.

Warning, if you are squeamish you might not want to look.

Obviously, he is now on the road to recovery, but given that he clearly has an open wound on his neck…there is no word on his in-ring return.

Still, it is good news that the infection has been taken care of, and that the tube is out.

While he might not be the biggest or most well known star, he is a popular high flyer who fans do enjoy.

It will be good to have him back in an AEW ring soon.

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