Is Roman Reigns Stepping Away, Young AEW Star Injured Again

roman reigns stepping away
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Following some interesting comments, fans are asking: is Roman Reigns stepping away? And, one young AEW star finds himself injured yet again.

Is Roman Reigns Stepping Away

Top Superstars are known to take time off…and now we wonder…is Roman Reigns stepping away?

The question is getting asked following interesting comments from Reigns himself during a New Jersey house show on Mother’s Day weekend.

Reigns’ comments were reported on by Wresting, Inc.

Effectively, The Tribal Chief noted he wasn’t sure if or when he’d be back in Trenton, New Jersey, due to where he was heading in his career.

He thanked fans, wished them well and left them wondering.

roman reigns stepping away

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

In a follow up from Fightful, some backstage in WWE aimed to clear things up a bit.

According to the report, WWE is doing everything it can to keep Roman Reigns in WWE, and satisfied.

The company is reportedly giving Reigns incentives to have him keep WWE his top priority.

At the same time, WWE has been relatively open about it’s support for Reigns and any future Hollywood aspirations.

Several other current and former Superstars have made the leap to Hollywood careers.

Notables include Dave Bautista, John Cena and of course, Reigns’ cousin, The Rock.

So, is Reigns hinting at just a reduced amount of house show work? Maybe.

Or is he possibly implying that, whenever he does drop the unified championship belts, he could be stepping away for a movie career?

He may be thinking about his next phase of his career, but for now, WWE’s current and future plans seem to revolve around Reigns.

Here’s to thinking he isn’t going anywhere quite yet.

Young AEW Star Injured Again

In some unfortunate news, one young AEW star is injured…again.

Not only injured again, but for the second time, it’s a significant injury that will see him miss a lot of time.

Darius Martin, one half of the up and coming tag team Top Flight, is on the shelf once more.

source: @DariusMartin612, twitter, screenshot

To give you a little recap…

Darius Martin just returned to AEW a couple months back, after spending the second half of 2021 rehabbing from a torn ACL.

Now, having fought all the way back from his knee injury…he’s out again.

Reports indicate that Martin was involved in a rather serious car accident. During the accident, he suffered a significant ankle injury.

Fellow AEW star Malakai Black spoke of the injured star on a recent podcast, and he stated that Martin was expected to be out 6 to 9 months.

Meaning…there’s a chance we don’t see Martin again until 2023. And we only barely saw him in 2022.

Now, at least Martin has maintained some sort of sense of humor, posting this following the accident:

So, that’s the upshot. While his ankle is messed up, his recently repaired ACL is not.

And, once again, his brother Dante will be working in AEW as a solo act, instead of working their way toward the top of the tag team division.