Former Superstar Announces Final Match, Fan Threatens Alexa Bliss

former superstar final match
source:@Wrestlepedia2, twitter, screenshot

He had a pretty entertaining run in WWE and beyond, but one former Superstar announces his final match will happen soon. Plus, Alexa Bliss and her new husband have been threatened by a crazed fan.

Former Superstar Announces Final Match

Formerly known as Damien Sandow, the former Superstar now known as Aron Stevens announces his final match is nearly here.

Stevens made the announcement via his own Instagram page

He calls his upcoming NWA bout against Trevor Murdoch his “swan song”.

Many fans may best know him for his time in WWE working first as Damien Sandow, and then Damien Mizdow.

As Mizdow, he arguably did his best work, which saw him function as The Miz’s stunt double. It was during that run that he and The Miz won tag team gold.

former superstar final match

source:@Wrestlepedia2, twitter, screenshot

As popular as he was as Mizdow, especially once he turned face, WWE unsurprisingly dropped the ball with him. He was released, and has worked on the independent circuits since.

And now, per his post, that seems to be wrapping up.

As a long time wrestling fan (or, as someone paying attention to Ric Flair in 2022…), I don’t know that I am prepared to believe that this is his final match.

The wording of his post leaves things somewhat open, in my opinion. He terms it the end of one era and the start of a new stage of his career.

So, perhaps it is truly his last in-ring work (but again, never say never). But…it makes me wonder what Stevens might be up to next, and if he’s not done with the wrestling business…just done with taking bumps.

Fan Threatens Alexa Bliss

In some scarier news, Alexa Bliss and her new husband were threatened by a fan.

The story is scary enough, but amplified given some of the recent issues WWE Superstars have had with fans.

Sonya Deville, for example, had a fan break into her house and wound up missing time to take care of that case.

Now, Alexa Bliss is added to the list.

Bliss shared a post on her Instagram about a memorial for her late pet pig. 

former superstar final match

source:@wwe, twitter, screenshot

Then, things spiraled unexpectedly serious.

The exchange was captured and shared via WrestleOps.


Clearly, the individual in question send some direct messages to someone or some people, indicating that they wished to harm Bliss and her new husband.

Those recipients shared this with Alexa Bliss, who then made sure the proper authorities were made aware of the threats.

It is the latest scary incident involving a fan. While these people are all performers, entertaining us in the ring and in front of the camera…there are boundaries for a reason.

While social media and other endeavors allow them to grant fans even more access to them…there are still boundaries.

Fans should not be showing up because they want to, and there would seem to be no good reason to make threats against any of them either.

Hopefully, the authorities are able to ensure nothing comes of whatever threats were made.

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