Former NXT Champion Makes AEW Debut, Injured Star Returning Soon

nxt champion aew debut
Credit: @PepsWrestling, twitter, screenshot

One more former NXT champion makes his AEW debut this past weekend, and an injured star is returning soon.

Former NXT Champion Makes AEW Debut

The company already has a few of them, but one more former NXT champion makes their debut this past weekend.

Specifically, it was a former NXT North American Champion…though to be honest, that does make this seem like a massive get.

However…this is not a massive get on the level of a Keith Lee or Adam Cole.

Rather, this is about perhaps the most unlikely of North American Champions we ever saw in NXT.

Specifically…Leon Ruff.

nxt champion aew debut

source: @JJWilliamsWON, twitter, screenshot

Ruff, who did briefly hold the NXT North American Championship, debuted on the most recent AEW Dark.

His debut was captured by the staff of the Wrestling Observer.

The company does have quite a few stars of similar stature and abilities. If AEW gives him a fair shake, Leon Ruff could have a chance do impress.

And, if Ruff does impress? He would be just the latest former WWE or NXT Superstar to make the most of new opportunities in AEW.

Then again, if he simply toils on the company’s YouTube show, how many people would even know that Ruff had landed in AEW at all?

He showed some promise in NXT, and his short title run was entertaining, without a doubt. AEW surely saw something in him that justified bringing him in.

Time will tell if things work out better for Leon Ruff this time around.

Injured Star Returning Soon

While speaking of AEW, another injured star could be returning soon.

This returning star is a former AEW Women’s Champion, so the return would be most welcomed.

News of her imminent return was revealed by the Midwest Marks Podcast.

The podcast reported that Riho let her paid followers on her own site know that she has recovered from her injuries and is ready to get back to the United States.

nxt champion aew debut

source:@PepsWrestling, twitter, screenshot

She gave no time frame for her return to the states. However, she does certainly seem quite eager to get back on this side of the pond, and back to the AEW Women’s Division.

And, as a former Women’s Champion, it would seem like a safe bet that Riho would love to get back into contention for the title once again.

For now, the title is around the waist of Thunder Rosa, and she has no shortage of worthy challengers.

That list of challengers will be growing, and once Riho arrives, it seems safe to expect it to grow again.

And, of course, there will be more for Riho to get involved in upon her AEW return.

The women’s division has grown with some new faces since she went out…which means fans get to look forward to some fresh matches.

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