Edge Judgement Day
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Edge is looking to gather more “Saints of Fate” for his Judgement Day stable. While has not mentioned anyone joining, apart from AJ Styles & Finn Balor, on social media the Rated R superstar hinted at two other WWE superstars joining the faction. 

There is no indication these two will join, but they would definitely be intriguing additions to Edge’s emerging stable. 

Edge Hints At Two New Judgement Day Members 

First Edge posted a photo of recent call-up Ciampa. Ciampa is currently a bit player in the feud between Miz, Theory & Mustafa Ali. Having the NXT icon join Edge’s stable would be a great use for Ciampa.

The Ultimate Opportunist then hinted at the return of one of WWE’s biggest female stars. Paige has not wrestled in four years  She has been at home for most of that time, besides appearing on RAW briefly in 2020.


What These Wrestlers Have In Common With Edge

While Ciampa and Paige don’t share similarities on the surface, they do have a common thread with Edge. All three have dealt with devastating and potentially career and life-threatening neck injuries. Ciampa’s neck surgery kept him on the shelf for months while Paige is still on the shelf after injuring her neck again in 2018. Corey Graves too was forced into early retirement due to concussions. 
Other wrestlers tweeted by Edge include Liv Morgan, Finn Balor, and commentator Corey Graves.

It would make a lot of sense for Edge to recruit two people who may have felt cast aside by their injuries. 

Other Possibilities To Join Edge’s Crew

Ciampa and Paige could be misdirects for who Edge actually has his eye on. If Judgement Day is supposed to be a stable of forgotten and “misused” Superstars, then there are plenty of options on the roster and NXT who would be great additions to the squad. 

Mustafa Ali: This one makes the most sense. I know Ali likes to be a lone wolf, but he would find solace in a faction made up entirely of lone wolves.

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Akira Tozawa: It would be a striking break from his recent comedic form. 

Sonya Deville: Recently fired as a GM and looking for direction, Deville could find a new life under the tutelage of Edge.

What about an NXT call-up or a re-hire?

Who do you think should join Edge’s Judgement Day? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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