Cody Rhodes: AEW Doesn’t Exist Without Me, Dakota Kai’s Release

Cody Rhodes AEW Exist
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In a recent interview, Cody Rhodes stated AEW wouldn’t exist if not for him. Also, Vince McMahon behind the WWE release of Dakota Kai.

Cody Rhodes: AEW Doesn’t Exist Without Me

At WrestleMania 38, Cody Rhodes returned to WWE in a surprise to nobody. Now, three months ago, people would think that was impossible.

Not too long ago, Rhodes was still part of AEW. He was a wrestler, champion, EVP and one of the founders.

Rhodes returning to WWE was a shock a first, but then the news leaked and settled. On After The Bell with Corey Graves, Rhodes was boasting how AEW would not have started without him.

“It was unique to see people burning my old AEW shirts, which was a trend for a few days on social,” said Rhodes. “Felt like you were leaving a sports team.” 

“It didn’t break my heart, but I do remember thinking…I thought it was odd because AEW doesn’t exist without me.” 

“There are other people that need to be there for it to exist, for sure. But I’m one of the people where, AEW exists, partially, because of me.” 

“For there to be that strong of a [reaction], damn. I saw the term ‘sold out,’ and thought, ‘You have this. It’s great.’”

Since rejoining WWE, it has gone much differently than the first run. Currently, Rhodes sits as one of the top three faces on RAW.

Currently, Rhodes is still working opposite Seth Rollins. He beat him last month at WrestleMania.

People have speculated that Rhodes is get a massive push. Therefore, he would need to capture the WWE Championship. 

Roman Reigns has both the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship. He has destroyed everyone in his path for almost two years straight.

Cody could be the one to dethrone Reigns. If he is successful, what a message that sends to AEW.

Rhodes beating Reigns to capture his first wold title in WWE would show there are other options besides AEW.

Dakota Kai’s Release

Cody Rhodes AEW Exist

Source: @DeweyHaveTo, Twitter, Screenshot

On Friday, WWE continued a pattern that we have seen too many times over the past two years. They released at total of 10 NXT names, including some of more known wrestlers.

One of those let go was Dakota Kai. On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how her release was not a surprise. 

Basically, Vince McMahon took a look at her for the main roster and passed. When not needed on the main roster, the wrestler is seemingly done in WWE.

“It’s like okay, once Vince says no, what are you there for? Know what I mean,” questioned Meltzer.

“I would think that she would not be surprised either because she was there to be called up on the main roster months ago. She was doing the tryouts and then everybody else got up.” 

“You can all speculate on what Vince sees and doesn’t see in people, but whatever it was, he didn’t see it in her. It’s not her working, obviously, but he has ideas of what a star is.” 

“It’s his judgment. You know what his judgment is. People know that going in.”

At 33 years old, the New Zealander spent seven years in NXT. She was best known for feuding with Tegan Nox.

Also, Kai won the inaugural Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and was recently NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Raquel González.

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