Breakdown Of Sasha Banks/Naomi Walkout, Nash Carter – WWE Release

Breakdown Sasha Banks Naomi
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It’s been a strange Tuesday in the world of wrestling! WWE fans continue to try and understand the “what and why” behind the Sasha Banks and Naomi walkout of RAW. WNZ has a breakdown of what caused these two talents to leave before the show aired.

Breakdown Of Sasha Banks/Naomi Walkout

Fans and wrestling journalists alike have been looking for more information about what exactly happened to cause Naomi and Banks to walk out on RAW, right before the show hit the airwaves. A new report offers insight.

PW Insider’s Mike Johnson provides a piece-by-piece report on what went down. According to Johnson, the original plan was to have a women’s six-pack challenge to figure out who would face Bianca Belair at the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) pay-per-view (PPV).

It seems that Naomi was going to win this challenge and get a shot at the RAW Women’s title at the HIAC event. It’s up in the air as to whether or not she was going to pin Banks to get there.

In addition, an angle was proposed for Friday Night SmackDown, where Banks would challenge Ronda Rousey for the Women’s SmackDown Championship. Both Sasha and Naomi were going to end up losing to the respective champs at the PPV.

The report adds that both Banks and Naomi didn’t like that idea. They ended up telling the “powers that be” that they didn’t approve of the pitch.

More Of A Breakdown Around The Sasha Banks/Naomi Walkout

At some point, a tag match was brought up where Naomi and Banks would face Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. for the Women’s Tag Titles. This isn’t confirmed, but the report notes it is likely true.

Sasha and Naomi were told by WWE Producer Molly Holly that they were moving forward with Naomi winning the six-pack challenge. After they were told this, the WWE Women’s Tag Champs went to see John Laurinaitis to tell him they were leaving.

That’s when they left the show and those tag titles behind. The report states that Vince McMahon found out the two left RAW after it went on air.

There was a scramble to change the main event to Asuka versus Becky Lynch. The report notes this idea may have come from Lynch herself.

As per the report, the main issue is that Banks and Naomi felt that as tag champs they were being “jobbed out” to singles’ champs. They felt as if they’ve done so much work to create a solid and strong tag team, and the results of HIAC negate all this.

Things seem pretty heated between all three parties right now. In fact, Sasha has unfollowed VKM on Twitter.

Even Dave Meltzer recently reports on his Wrestling Observer Radio that there very well could be backstage heat on Banks now. Not surprising as this isn’t the first time with Sasha.

Speaking of WWE controversy, one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions, Nash Carter, was recently released from the company. The talent only recently issued a statement around this on social media.

Nash Carter – WWE Release

Nash Carter has had quite the past few months. His ex, Kimber Lee, not only spewed allegations but also posted an old photo of him donning an Hitler mustache.

Breakdown Sasha Banks Naomi

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

The WWE released him because of the photo (but not due to Lee’s allegations), and this sent his entire world spinning. Since the incident that occurred in early April, Nash has been rather quiet, until yesterday.

Carter Issues Statement On Social Media

Carter issued a statement about his WWE firing, via social media. Fans can read the post below.

After Nash’s release, MSK (Wes Lee) vacated the NXT Tag Titles. Looks like Lee may be getting a new partner.

Meanwhile, Carter is entering the next chapter in his career. WNZ wishes them both all the best.