WWE Superstars More Training
Sources: WWE on BT Sports, Twitter, Screenshot

Many Internet fans like to bash WWE and say their Performance Center has been a failure. 

Detractors point to the PC being a “money loser” as evidence. But that line of thinking forgets the real purpose of the PC. The Performance Center is not for generating money in the short term. The PC is designed to build the next generation of superstars that WWE can make money with over the long haul. 

Recently WWE had an unlikely defender of the Performance Center, AEW star, and world-class troll MJF. Friedman responded to a fan who said the PC wasted money and talent by naming off just a few of the big stars who came through WWE’s Orlando training facility.


And when you think about it like that, there have been a lot of good WWE PC successes. We will focus on talent that solely came from the PC era, not talent that started in FCW and then moved into the NXT/Performance Center era or talent that already had a name in the indies.

Here Are The Best WWE Performance Center Products 

Bianca Belair 

Back-to-back WrestleMania main events, constantly in the title picture, and a star who is already getting fame outside of WWE.

Braun Strowman

While he isn’t with WWE anymore, you can’t deny the star power and presence this monster among men had while he was in the WWE. I suspect he will return to the Fed in due time.

Alexa Bliss

Besides the Four Horsewomen, she is the best female product to come out of the PC. Her turn as an evil Fiend character showed her exceptional range.

The Street Profits (Montez Ford/Angelo Dawkins)

The PC has not produced a lot of tag teams, but the Street Profits are a great example of a tag team built for flash and the long haul.

Liv Morgan

Liv’s strength lies in her unique personality, infectious ring presence, and strong fan connection. Liv was someone who a few years ago could have been a PC washout, but she has proved herself consistently. 

Chad Gable

Gable continues the long lineage of amateur wrestlers who excelled at transitioning to the professional game. Gable has been given chicken poo to turn into chicken parm repeatedly.

Rhea Ripley

The complete package if there ever was one. It is nuts that she is only 25 and has a long successful career ahead of her.

Happy Corbin

In an era when every heel wants to be loved and cheered by the fans, Corbin mastered the art of being hated. And I mean really, really hated.

Who is your favorite wrestler from the Performance Center? Let us know in the comment section below.