Alexa Bliss Snaps Back At Corey Graves, AEW Star Arrested

Alexis Bliss Corey Graves
Source: @WWEIndia, Twitter, Screenshot

Alexa Bliss returned to WWE RAW some weeks ago. She had been absent for months after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV). Corey Graves made an unneeded comment about her at the announce table recently. Bliss noticed and snapped back at the commentator.

Alexa Bliss Snaps Back At Corey Graves

Little Miss Bliss defeated Nikki A.S.H. last week on Monday Night RAW. Graves was at the announce table and make a comment noting that Alexa “lacked urgency” and was in “cruise control”.

From the looks of it, these comments were noticed by Bliss. Alexa hopped on Twitter and snapped at Graves.

Alexa Bliss Versus Corey Graves

The tweet is above. Bliss clearly believes Graves should “stay in his own lane”.

Is this all for real or could a program be brewing between Carmella and Alexa Bliss? Bliss could get heated with Graves, where Mella comes in to protect her man!

Fans will have to wait and see on that one. In other news, an AEW talent that has spent time in the WWE was recently arrested.

AEW Star Arrested

AEW talent, who once spent time in NXT, Jake Atlas was arrested on May 23rd. He was charged with battery as he assaulted his partner.

Alexis Bliss Corey Graves

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

As such, this is a misdemeanor battery charge for domestic assault. PW Insider is reporting that Atlas had been drinking the night before the incident happened.

He was at Bid Daddy’s Roadhouse and phoned his partner to pick him up at 10 p.m. When his partner arrived, Atlas wanted him to stay and drink.

The victim states that Atlas wanted him to go to another friend’s house to be intimate together. However, Atlas was upset with his partner for showing “more attention” to the friend than Atlas.

This caused an argument where Atlas got “physically” aggressive. He then charged at the victim.

The witness stepped in to stop the attack. Atlas was informed to head home and sleep it off.

Instead of doing just that, he decided to follow the victim. He then charged at the victim again, with the witness (once again) trying to stop it all from happening.

Unfortunately, the witness was left with minor injuries this time around. They were able to separate the victim from Atlas a second time.

Once separated, Atlas attempted to get into a car to leave. However, he then demanded to go back to his apartment to get his dog.

The Police Were Called

Once there, he refused to leave. Shortly after, police arrived on the scene.

The police tried to talk with Atlas, and after some investigation, they determined he was the aggressor. He was then arrested.

Atlas has inked a no-contact order, which means he agrees to stay 500 feet away and will have no communication with the victim. He was released from jail the same day he was arrested and will appear in court on June 28th.

Jake Atlas spent some time in NXT and was released from his contract in August last year. He would sign with AEW in early 2022, and debuted on Rampage this past January.