Why WWE Released Harland, NXT Specials Changing Again?

why wwe released harland
source: @wrestlezonecom, twitter, screenshot

After some stunners, we learned why WWE released Harland. Plus, are NXT specials changing again?

Why WWE Released Harland

After all the hype, it’s likely most fans are wondering why WWE released Harland.

Once WWE blew up and killed off the original NXT version, the reboot cleared the way for a whole boatload of hot and green talent.

Among them was a young talent lauded as the next Brock Lesnar…and hyped by no less than Paul Heyman.

So, if he came in with such high praise and hype…we wonder why WWE released Harland.

It did not take long for the reasons to come out. Or, put another way…it is spin…or damage control.

Whatever the case may be, here is why WWE released Harland.

According to Fightful, trainers in the Performance Center felt that the now-former Superstar was not picking up things as fast as he needed to.

Harland was not progressing, and as a result, he will get to try to develop somewhere else.

why wwe released harland

source: @wrestlezonecom, twitter, screenshot

Of course, Harland’s release was one of a number of cuts suffered by WWE’s developmental brand.

On one hand, some of the newer names are a surprise, because those are the talents WWE seemed to want there.

However, on the other hand, these cuts echo prior NXT releases. If the company felt that the talent had no future within the company, why string them along.

That was the explanation for the cut of Bronson Reed before, and it seems like that’s the reasoning coming back for at least Harland.

Perhaps that is why most of the rest of the NXT cuts happened on Friday too.

On one hand, I get it…it’s the new Nick Khan WWE methodology. If someone is not cutting it, cut them loose, don’t keep wasting time and money.

However, when someone comes in with such hype from guys like Heyman? To me, there’s something there, and it feels like some of these might end up being opportunities lost.

NXT Specials Changing Again?

Speaking of the reboot…are NXT specials changing again?

It seems like forever ago when each major WWE PPV weekend had fans warm up with an NXT: TakeOver special.

Many of those TakeOvers…were as good or better than the WWE main roster PPV.

And, before we knew it, WWE dismantled everything that Triple H had built into an exciting and entertaining brand.

The NXT 2.0 reboot has not gone superbly…but it seems to be finally moving in the right direction.

So, will the company do the unthinkable? Are NXT specials changing again?

According to the Wrestling Observer…not really.

why wwe released harland

source: @rockyc23, twitter, screenshot

If anything, fans will likely have reasons to be happy later in 2022.

The specials changed enough when WWE killed off the wonderful TakeOvers.

Now, we are hearing that NXT In Your House will return later in 2022.

Specifically, we will see that one in June.

On top of that, there will be another NXT special on Peacock in July.

While it is not a return of our beloved and much-missed TakeOver events…it’s a plus.

Of course, after the latest round of cuts, we know a bunch of Superstars who aren’t going to be there.