Scott Hall Laid To Rest With Close Friends Around, WWE – Saudi Arabia

Scott Hall Close Friends
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Close friends were present when WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall was laid to rest on Friday. Also, WWE is returning to Saudi Arabia and there is noting anybody can do about it.

Scott Hall Laid To Rest With Close Friends Around

Sadly, the pro wresting world lost Scott Hall on March 14. He underwent hip replacement surgery, where a blood clot was dislodged.

The result was the two time WWE Hall of Famer suffering three heart attacks. He was put on life support for a few days.

Eventually, he was taken off after his friends and family got a chance to say goodbye. Truly, the wrestling world lost one of the best characters in the business.

Close Friends Say Goodbye To Their Friend, Scott Hall

According to his Scott’s son, Cody Hall, his father was buried alongside familiar names. Other wrestling names present included Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash.


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Hall was known for his time in WWE and WCW. He debuted in WWE as Razor Ramon and eventually went by his real name in WCW.

Ramon would win the Intercontinental Championship on several occasions. Also, he is credited with winning the first WWE ladder match that aired on TV.

Then, he he made major noise in 1996. He jumped ship, joining WCW and securing a guaranteed contract with some high figures.

Basically, fans were witnessing the wrestling landscape change. First, we were starting to see wrestlers leave companies for their rival over pay.

Second, we were watching the birth of the NWO. The stable would go on and change wrestling, with some saying it killed WCW.

WWE – Saudi Arabia

Scott Hall Close Friends

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So, with the pandemic somewhat under control, WWE is back to hosting events in Saudi Arabia. Honestly, they make so much from the deal that it is hard to pass working with the controversial country.

PWInsider confirmed WWE is headed back in the fall. They will either run a show the last week of October or the first week of November.

There is Halloween, so WWE might want to avoid that date. There is no word on what date the show might air.

At one time, there was a report WWE would be back in September for TLC. That was not confirmed, but WWE could pull off two shows within a six weeks.

It would be a nightmare for the entire staff with the long trip, but WWE is behind on shows because the pandemic cancelled a few.

WWE was in Saudi Arabia in February for Elimination Chamber. Typically, they make two trips a year as part of the 10 year deal.