Mustafa Ali WWE Return Update, Top AEW Star Plans To Retire There

Mustafa Ali WWE Return
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Keep your eyes peeled on RAW as Mustafa Ali could finally be making his WWE return. Also, Eddie Kingston is content with retiring in AEW.

Mustafa Ali WWE Return Update

Mustafa Ali started in 205 Live and quickly amazed fans with his skills. So, he was bumped to the main roster.

There, he had two memorable runs and one was not great. He was originally set to win Money in the Bank before a late change and unsuccessfully ran Retribution.

Ali did not like the direction of his character and requested his release. WWE has refused to comply and now Ali might be back on TV very soon.

Fightful Select reports Ali is scheduled for tonight’s RAW. Officials were discussing his return over the weekend.

The report reminded readers that plans can change. If Ali does appear, no word on his role.

After losing eleven consecutive matches, Ali got into an argument with Vince McMahon. Since then, he has not been spotted backstage at WWE events. 

Top AEW Star Plans To Retire There

Mustafa Ali WWE Return

Source: @MoxPodcast, Twitter, Screenshot

Eddie Kingston has been wrestling for twenty years. Frequently, he struggled to make it to the major companies like WCW, ECW and WWE.

Although, he did make some TV presences during his short stint in Impact Wrestling. Also, he has worked for other top Indy promotions such as CZW, ROH and PWG.

While Kingston was known to hardcore internet fans, many were not familiar with his work. It was because he lacked real TV time, but then AEW arrived.

Cody Rhodes had an open challenge for the TNT Championship. Kingston answered and despite losing, his mic work along with in-ring skills got him a job in AEW.

AEW Will Be The Final Chapter For Eddie Kingston

While speaking to The Straight Shooters, Kingston noted how his career seems destined to end in AEW.

“Where am I gonna go, dog? I’m good,” said Kingston. “I worked for this and I don’t care. I worked for this.”

“AEW gave me my shot first, right? You know what I mean?” 

“I’m a loyal guy. andI’m not knocking anybody, just chill. But, when people say, ‘Yeah, I’m here forever,’ that’s cool. That’s them.” 

“I’m telling you from me and my word is my bond. I ain’t got nowhere else to go and don’t wanna be anywhere else.” 

“I’m having a blast trying to beat up people in the ring, trying to be world champ. Wherever I’m at, trying to be better than I was yesterday.”

Kingston is currently engaged in a major feud. Along with Santana and Ortiz, he its feuding with The Jericho Appreciation Society.

At 40 years old, Kingston does not fit the mold of WWE. Basically, they want young talent that they can build from scratch.

Fans are digging Kingston, especially his promos. He recently defeated cleanly Chris Jericho, marking a huge win in an already long career.

Right now, Kingston is having the best run of his 20 year pro wrestling career.

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