Is FTR Jumping Ship To WWE?

The WWE fights The Revival Over Trademarks

With Cody Rhodes jumping ship, there is talk of a few of AEW’s more prominent stars possibly joining him. Top on the rumor list is FTR. After asking for their release, the old-school team left WWE on less than stellar turns. The team addressed the rumors in a recent podcast interview. And while they didn’t necessarily say no, they seemed to indicate what it would take for them to leave AEW.

Is FTR Going to WWE?

Not exactly a no from Dax Harwood.

“I sent him (Cash) a screenshot of all the different news outlets or whatever saying they want to re-sign us. That’s flattering and it’s cool. You know, we’ve got some more time.”

Dax indicated that the team left WWE because they wanted to be featured as a tag team more heavily.

“We wanted to do more. We wanted to be known as the greatest tag team of all time, we had to leave there to do that, and we knew that so that’s why we were so insistent on them giving us our releases.”

“But you know, there’s just so many unknowns there. Will we ever focus on tag team wrestling like we’ve been able to the last two years? Money is not everything for us.”

Never Say “Never Say Never” Again 

FTR is smart. They know that no door ever really shuts in wrestling. Mustafa Ali was openly asking for his release, and he’s back on RAW already. Who thought Cody Rhodes would leave AEW to go back to WWE? Never say never.

Never Say Never ranks high among cliches in wrestling. It goes back to the territory days when guys would leave territories. But nowadays, it serves as a way to keep doors open. It is a business. FTR can talk about wanting to be tag team wrestlers and not caring about the money. But everyone has a price.

Should FTR Leave AEW?

Will we see FTR in WWE In the near future? No. But it wouldn’t surprise me if we see them back in WWE by the of the year. Tony Khan has a filled-to-bursting roster, and with Warner Bros. Discovery looking to cut a lot of excess baggage, there could be a situation where AEW has to tighten its purse strings. 

So, Never Say Never, I guess. But really, do we even want FTR back in WWE? I do not. These guys have outkicked their coverage and still find time to complain about opportunities. They work fun style, but it is antiquated compared to what many mainstream fans want to see. 

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