As far as Francis Ngannou is concerned, much work needs to be done before he fights again.

The reigning UFC heavyweight champion is currently recovering from surgery. That didn’t stop him from showing up at the Tyson Fury bout this past weekend.

So, while rumors and reports continue to swirl around a potential Ngannou vs. Fury hybrid fight, Ngannou discussed his situation with the UFC.

Appearing on The MMA Hour, Ngannou explained that the process has started, but it will take time.

“Just after we spoke we had a meeting, a dinner with the UFC and that wasn’t about the contract situation,” Ngannou said (thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes). “It was just to clear the air, because it is clear at this point, we had to clear the air.

“It was just trying to speak things out. We spoke, I spoke about my frustration, but also I had to go back home because it’s not a thing that’s supposed to be solved in one night or over one dinner or two dinners. I think it might take some time.”

Ngannou noted that he talked with UFC executive Hunter Campbell “a week ago and it was great.”

“Friendly dinner, no business involved,” he said. “But as far as business, we haven’t really moved on. I think, just now, what we’re trying to do is clear the air.”

UFC president Dana White was also on hand, Ngannou said. He explained that there are no personal issues, just “business” ones with the promotion.

As for the potential Fury bout, Ngannou said that is a must-have.

“The Tyson Fury fight has to be part of the discussion,” he said. “That’s not an option. It has to be part of the discussion.”