Former WWE Superstar Nearing Return, Mick Foley Visits Terry Funk

wwe superstar nearing return
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

While it won’t be for his former employer (yet), one former WWE Superstar is nearing a return to the ring. Plus, in a touching story, Mick Foley visits Terry Funk.

Former WWE Superstar Nearing Return

Though he has not been seen in he ring in a bit, one former WWE Superstar is nearing his return.

Now, to be clear, he is not returning to a WWE ring. Not yet, anyways.

Perhaps not ever…but in pro wrestling, especially when Vince McMahon is involved, we’ve all learned to never say never.

Instead, the man once known as Alberto Del Rio is nearing his return to a AAA ring.

Known there as Alberto El Patron, he has been working indie dates mostly. But, AAA is apparently set to bring him in as a surprise for their upcoming TripleMania XXX show.

Of course, there are some reasons why El Patron is a former WWE Superstar, and relegated to indie work of late.

wwe superstar nearing return

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Not that there is anything wrong with the indies, of course.

But, in recent years, the former WWE Superstar had his hands full outside of the ring with a number of legal entanglements.

Most notably, an ex had accused him of kidnapping and sexual assault. Alberto was cleared of those charges recently, however.

The legal decision in his favor has cleared the way for his AAA return.

Before his latest controversy, he had sporadically surfaced as a potential returning name to WWE…but nothing ever materialized.

At this point, it appears no major promotion is yet willing to give the former Del Rio another chance. However, if his AAA appearance is a success…perhaps AEW or WWE changes their minds.

In the meantime, outside of AAA, he is set to work with UFC on commentary, so he is at least easing back into bigger things.

Mick Foley Visits Terry Funk

In less controversial news…Mick Foley visits Terry Funk.

wwe superstar nearing return

source: @realmickfoley, twitter, screenshot

It is both heart-warming, and sad at the same time.

Foley posted about the visit to his social media account.

Funk, if you did not know, is in a facility intended to provide him care. The WWE Hall of Famer is suffering from a number of ailments, as his long and brutal wrestling career has taken it’s toll.

It is sad to see the former ECW Champion in such a bad way.

However, considering how close Mick Foley and Terry Funk were in and out of the ring, it is a bit of happy news, to see the former partners catch up while Foley was in Texas.

In a day and age where too many people find it easy to lose touch with old friends, it’s nice to see that two kindred spirits are able to still break bread.

And for me, considering these two were two of my favorite ECW talents back in the day…it just brings a smile to my face.

Wishing Terry Funk (and Mick!) all the best.

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