D-Von Health Update, Wyatt Family Reunite For Brodie Lee (Photo)

D-Von Health Update
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After some medical issues, good news for WWE employee D-Von as his health update is positive. Also, the Wyatt Family reunited for a photo to honor the late, Brodie Lee.

D-Von Health Update

Many wrestlers want to be the top star of the company or the business. Only a select few actually accomplish such a goal.

Although, nowadays, there is more than singles wrestlers getting all the attention. Tag team wrestling is getting rejuvenated as of late.

So, that brings us to one of the greatest teams of all, The Dudley Boyz. They won gold basically anywhere they went like ECW, WWE and Impact Wrestling.

After decades teaming together, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley went their separate ways. Ray occasionally wrestlers and now focuses on other gigs.

D-Von officially retired due to health concerns. Within the past few months, D-Von underwent spinal-fusion surgery. 

Since the surgery and other ailments, D-Von has been absent from WWE. Once he retired, D-Von was given a role backstage.

The good news, D-Von will be back on the road in less than two months.  

“I had my stroke in 2019 and WWE gave me the time off to get better, which was great,” said D-Von on Table Talk” podcast. “But, then I also just had back surgery.” 

“And again, WWE was very gracious enough to give me the time off to heal and things like that. I’m happy to be able to say that I’ll be going back on June 15, back to work again.”

D-Von has a wealth of knowledge working for different bosses. One of the greatest tag team wrestlers is now helping the future of WWE.

And, of course, it is great to hear that D-Von is getting better each day.

Wyatt Family Reunite For Brodie Lee (Photo)

D-Von Health Update

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In NXT and the main roster, the Wyatt Family tormented superstars. The group had different stages with Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper (aka Brodie Lee) and Braun Strowman (Adam Scherr).

Eventually, everyone went their different ways and were all released from WWE. Sadly, Brodie Lee passed away in 2020.

He had been dealing with his issues involving his lungs. After learning of the former TNT Champion’s passing, tons of tributes poured in.

Obviously, many took his passing very hard. That goes especially for his former stablemates. 

In a cool moment, Scherr posed an Instagram photo of the remaining Wyatt Family members. The picture is dedicated to their late friend.


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