Corey Graves Open To Survivor Series Match, NXT – Main Roster Talk

Corey Graves Survivor Series
Source: Corey Graves Survivor Series

Corey Graves wants a WWE match and he would like it as Survivor Series against a familar name. Also, two wrestlers are being discussed to go from NXT to the main roster.

Corey Graves Open To Survivor Series Match

Corey Graves was popular in NXT and there was hope he could carry that to the main roster. Unfortunately, he had to retire because of concussions.

Then, last year, Graves was cleared to compete again. So far, he seems content at working the announce table.

Although, he has not officially given-up on wrestling one more time. While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Graves started discussing Pat MacAfee.

Apparently, the two lived only miles apart back in the day. 

“But you’ve got to remember, there’s only one night a year Raw and SmackDown competes in head-to-head competition, Survivor Series,” said Graves (Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription). “I hope, I am going to start politicking now [on a possible match].” 

“I think McAfee and Graves at Survivor Series, I think we have to pass the bar that was set by Cole and Lawlor at WrestleMania.”

Of course, Graves is referring to Michael Cole defeating Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania 27. When it comes to great WrestleMania matches, that will never make the cut.

We have seen Graves get a little physical since being cleared to compete again. He did hold the the 24/7 Championship for about 7 seconds and that was not even the shortest reign.

As for Graves’ idea, it does make sense. Survivor Series is RAW vs SmackDown and each brand does have a color commentator.

McAfee only has a few matches to his names, but he is an amazing athlete. As for Graves, it would be interring to see if he still has the magic inside the ring.

NXT – Main Roster Talk

Corey Graves Survivor Series

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

With WrestleMania 38 over, this is typically the time we see some main roster call-ups from NXT. Fightful Select notes how LA Knight and Raquel Gonzalez have been getting several pitches for the main roster.

They continued how Gonzalez seems to only be a matte of time. Meanwhile, LA Knight’s situation is not as clear.

An idea was discussed where Knight would be a manager on the main roster, The WWE is very high on his mic skills.

Several times, there have talks about brining Gonzalez to RAW or SmackDown. However, nothing has ever materialized.

Gonzalez just dropped the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. The former Women’s NXT Champion has nothing holding her back from now appearing on Mondays or Fridays.

She has worked several dark matches for WWE since the start of the year. Also, Knight has worked a few non-televised matches for WWE and also defeated Cedric Alexander on Main Event.

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