Concern Over Vince McMahon, Johnny Gargano – Retirement Date Set

Concern Over Vince McMahon
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There is concern over Vince McMahon as WWE creative was not thrilled to book him in a WrestleMania 38 match. Also, Johnny Gargano plans to retire within only six years.

Concern Over Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon decided to compete at WrestleMania 38, where he defeated Pat McAfee. The win came after McAfee already wrestled and was then attacked by Austin Theory.

McMahon won and then out came his rival, Steve Austin. In typical fashion, Austin hit the stunner on everyone inside the ring.

Fightful Select reports people in WWE were not thrilled with Vince wrestling. Although, he made the decision months ago and the creative team could not convince out of the idea.

The match was far from great, since McMahon is senior citizen. Vince botched the stunner so bad, that Austin could not stop laughing.

Yet, Vince did not care and everyone involved seemed to have a blast. Since the crowd loved it, so did the head of WWE.

McMahon was not seen on RAW with Austin Theory. So, there is no word if Vince is still mentoring Theory.

Johnny Gargano – Retirement Date Set

Concern Over Vince McMahon

Source: @JohnnyGargano, Twitter, Screenshot

The yellow and black version of NXT is no-more. Instead, fans have been dealing with NXT 2.0 since the fall of last year.

Almost all the names that helped the original NXT become a hit with fans are gone. Some went to the main roster, where they were either released or are barely hanging-in in there.

In December of last year, Johnny Gargano opted not to re-sign with WWE. Basically, he was going to focus in his newborn child and family with Candice LaRae.

On the Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Gargano was a guest and he spoke about his WWE departure. The first NXT Triple Crown Champion had no ill words towards WWE and plans to retire in six years.

That would make him 40 years old, which is early for wrestlers to retire. Although, wrestling inside a ring cannot last forever.

“It’s hard because obviously, the name Johnny Gargano around wrestling is always going to be beneficial money-wise,” said Gargano. “People are always going to want to see me or meet me, see me wrestle, learn from me.”

“So, in reality, I have a job for life. I could back and be a producer, go back to WWE and be a coach, I could go do whatever.”

“I have a great relationship with everyone there [when questioned if the door would be open at WWE]. I’m very lucky that I have that.” 

“Because that’s always in the back of my mind of what I’m gonna do after wrestling because a part of me is saying I only want to wrestle until I’m 40, and that’s only six years away at this point. So ideally, I have about five years to really kinda maximize whatever I want to do in this.”