WWE Top WrestleMania Moments, Former Superstar Wrestling Again

wwe top wrestlemania moments
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Ahead of the company’s biggest show of the year, WWE has revealed it’s top 38 WreslteMania moments of all time. And, one former Superstar is going to be wrestling again soon.

WWE Top WrestleMania Moments

With the big event less than a week away, WWE took to it’s YouTube channel to reveal it’s top 38 WrestleMania moments of all time.

This is done, of course, to prepare us for some new moments to be made on Saturday and Sunday…hopefully.

In what is no shock, the response to the list has been interesting.

To recap, the top 5 within WWE’s own list, saving the best for last:

5. Shawn Michaels beats Bret Hart in sudden death after 60-minute Iron Man Match

4. Becky Lynch wins first women’s main event match

3. Hulk Hogan slams Andre The Giant

2. Seth Rollins cashes in on Lesnar and Reigns.

wwe top wrestlemania moments

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

1. Brock Lesnar ends Undertaker’s undefeated streak

All are strong moments, for sure. But…as with anything else, people have differing opinions.

The comments on YouTube and Twitter have heated up.

Some things didn’t show up, or showed up too low. All are, to some extent, a matter of opinion.

I probably would have had Daniel Bryan’s YestleMania run higher, but again…personal opinion.

I feel like Bret Hart was not represented enough here, but I am also a huge Hart fan…so take that however you wish.

Perhaps we lost out on Bret-Owen from WM10 because of the issues between WWE and Owen’s widow?

Still, it is an interesting list and there are surely some major items left off, or not in what you’d think are the right spots.

Former Superstar Wrestling Again

While he won’t be involved at WrestleMania (as far as we know…), a former Superstar is planning on wrestling again.

And in terms of when, well, sometime soon. Maybe not this week, but definitely this year.

That’s the news coming from the former NXT Champion Bo Dallas.

Dallas was let go by WWE during the pandemic. Before being released, he’d been off of television for way too long.

There were mixed reports as to why, and each was at least somewhat plausible.

Perhaps WWE didn’t know what to do with him (that happens far too often…). Or, maybe Bo Dallas was injured and working his way back.

former superstar wrestling again

source: @entslice, twitter, screenshot

Whatever the reason, rumors of his early retirement are, well, unfounded.

The former Superstar recently did a virtual signing for the Captain’s Corner.

During the event, Dallas spoke about the desire to be wrestling again. He said he would be doing just that, later on this year.

Of course, no word on where or exactly when…but stay tuned!