Will Asuka Miss WrestleMania? + Ex WWE Wrestler Enters Rehab

will asuka miss wrestlemania
source:@wweasuka, twitter, screenshot

It’s been a while since we’ve seen her…so will Asuka miss WrestleMania? And, an ex-WWE wrestler enters rehab once again.

Will Asuka Miss WrestleMania? 

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this Japanese Superstar…but will Asuka miss WrestleMania now too?

Officially, we have not seen Asuka since the 2021 Money In The Bank PPV.

Since then, the former champion has been off of television and out of the spotlight.

While there had been chatter that WWE had nothing for her to do, that seemed to be shot down. Asuka at one point last year posted apparent proof of her being injured.

I mean, an arm in a sling is pretty convincing, right?

will asuka miss wrestlemania

source:@wweasuka, twitter, screenshot

Given the depth issues within the women’s locker room, I am inclined to believe Asuka.

Many fans hoped she’d be a surprise entrant in the 2022 Royal Rumble, but that didn’t happen.

After the event, reports indicated that WWE officials did not think that Asuka was medically able to perform yet.

However, per Figthful.com, Asuka could be back soon.

But will she miss WrestleMania?

Well, six weeks from February means she probably will miss WrestleMania.

At this point, if she were due back 6 weeks from February 1, that would be mid-April. Anything past February 1st and, well, you get the idea.

Considering we are just two weeks from WreslteMania, it seems unlikely we will see Asuka before then.

Ex WWE Wrestler Enters Rehab

This is not something you ever like to hear, but an ex-WWE wrestler enters rehab. Unfortunately, it is not his first trip there, either.

The ex-WWE wrestler in question is Ricardo Rodriguez.

In his time following an interesting WWE run, he’s found a home handling AEW Spanish announce duties.

Rodriguez has been candid about his past issues with alcohol. He entered rehab for his demons back in 2020, amidst the global pandemic.

wwe wrestler enters rehab

source:@wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Since then, he had made it a year clean and sober…but sadly for Rodriguez, it did not last.

There is a positive in this. Sometimes, when people relapse, they refuse to admit it and don’t want to go back to get help.

To his credit, Rodriguez admitted he fell of the wagon and recognized he needed to address it.

As such, he is off the road and pulled himself from bookings, effective immediately and running indefinitely.

It is sad to see someone struggle and lose battles to their demons. However, it’s encouraging that they can see their faults and seek help.

Ricardo Rodriguez knows firsthand the challenges he is facing, but we have to commend him for re-entering rehab to get help.

Hopefully, for Rodriguez, this time around he is able to keep his demons at bay for much longer.