What Cody Rhodes Will WWE Get, Fandango Done Wrestling?

What Cody Rhodes WWE

Though he isn’t officially there yet, it’s fair to wonder what version of Cody Rhodes will WWE get? And is former Superstar Fandango done wrestling?

What Cody Rhodes Will WWE Get

While not officially back in the fold yet, it’s fair to wonder…what version of Cody Rhodes will WWE get?

I mean, it is a fair question, considering the personas we’ve seen from him over the years.

Many fans are fond of his bizarre Stardust turn from his last WWE run.

When there was that pesky and unrealized “WWE Forbidden Door” rumor surrounding this year’s Royal Rumble, some suspected or hoped we could see Stardust show up.

After all, at that point, Rhodes was working in AEW without a contract, so it was theoretically quite possible.

Fast forward a little bit, and Rhodes has left AEW. According to just about everyone except Rhodes and WWE, he’s heading home.

But what version of Rhodes will WWE get?

what cody rhodes wwe

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Or, more importantly, what version of Rhodes does WWE want?

Check out this report from WrestleVotes:

It’s a very valid and interesting point.

Gone are the days where people didn’t know about the various promotions. Everyone knows who Cody is, and more importantly, who and what he has been as of just a few months ago.

In a time when so many former WWE talents are popping up in AEW…Rhodes going back to WWE would be the first significant defection the other way.

As such, the WWE executives feel it is important to bring AEW’s version of Rhodes to WWE. It’s less about copying AEW as it is showing that an AEW founding star is now in WWE.

And, as others have also noted, this impending arrival is big for another reason.

Many working in AEW went there because of the reputation of WWE, between creative and Vince McMahon.

If Rhodes has signed and if WWE does right by and with him…then it makes some AEW talent on expiring contracts perhaps consider not re-signing with Tony Khan.

It’s going to be an interesting 2022, for sure.

Fandango Done Wrestling?

It seems like only yesterday that this guy had us all dancing…so is Fandango done wrestling?

His rise in popularity was impressive. Given a horribly silly gimmick of being an over-the-top ballroom dancer, he got what seemed to be bad music too.

But it was catchy, and eventually we were all Fandango-ing in the arenas. As over as he was with fans, it never translated to more success within WWE.

Not that long ago, he was one of the many “budget cuts” made by the company.

What Cody Rhodes WWE

source: @tnrevolver, twitter, screenshot

Since leaving WWE, he changed his name a bit and found new homes.

Specifically, he started going by Dirty Dango. Among other places, he popped up in NWA.

Now, via his Twitter account, the former Fandango announced he was done wrestling, or would be in a couple of months.

And, he then abruptly deactivated his account.

It would seem to be a premature end for a Superstar’s career…especially one that never quite hit the heights he could have.

Retiring at this point might seem premature, but it’s always preferable to leave on your own terms and, presumably in good health.

And…while he may be done with wrestling shortly…we can always hope to see Fandango as a special surprise entrant in the annual Royal Rumble.

I mean, we know he won’t win it, but can you imagine the reaction for that?

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