Triple H Was Set To Wrestle At WrestleMania, ROH Champ AEW Bound

Triple H Wrestle WrestleMania
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Vince McMahon wanted Triple H to wrestle at WWE WrestleMania 38, but his retirement ended those talks. Also, ROH World Champion Jonathon Gresham is headed to AEW.

Triple H Was Set To Wrestle At WrestleMania

Triple H has seemingly done everything by winning titles, participating in different gimmicks and several times being in the main event of WrestleMania. Basically, he accomplished all this inside the ring.

So, when he Triple H confirmed his in-ring career was over, it was bittersweet. He could still perform, but he has more important issues to deal with.

Last year, Triple H had a cardiac event, where he had a defibrillator inserted. Also, he caught viral pneumonia where his lungs became inflamed.

Both instances were game changers for Triple H. He knows family comes first and he can still continue to work behind the scenes of WWE.

While speaking with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Stephen A’s World, Triple H spoke about WrestleMania 38 next weekend. Apparently, Vince McMahon wanted his son-in-law to work the show.

“I was already at a place in my career, as far as the in-ring goes, where I was comfortable being done and finished,” said Triple H. “But if the right thing came along and they wanted me to do it […] I had a conversation with Vince McMahon about doing something at WrestleMania this year in Dallas.”

“We had talked and there were plans for. Obviously, when this happened, it shut all that down.” 

“As far as the schedule, WWE is an intense place, it’s 24/7 and you’re running, running, running. It put things in perspective for me.”

The 15 time World Champion received tons of support from fans and his fellow wrestles. For 30 years, Triple H entertained fans and now he takes a much-deserved chance to enjoy life.

ROH Champ AEW Bound

Triple H Wrestle WrestleMania

Source: @ringofhonor, Twitter, Screenshot

After Final Battle, there were many questions about the future of Ring Of Honor (ROH). They were taking a several month hiatus, released all their talent and many thought the company was done.

Somehow, they managed to survive thanks to Tony Khan. The head of AEW announced he purchased the company, including the important library of tapes.

The last show closed with Jonathon Gresham as the ROH World Champion. Since capturing the title, he has been defending it at a few promotions. 

He will take on Bandido next month as ROH returns. Bandido caught COVID and their Final Battle match was cancelled last minute.

There was talk last week Khan wanted to sign Gresham. Fightful reports the deal is now seemingly finalized.

“The working plan is for Jonathan Gresham to sign with AEW/ROH, and noted that he is expected to work AEW dates,” reported Fightful. “We’ve also heard there were discussions to integrate Supercard of Honor into the announcement of the deal being made, however, that’s far from confirmed.”

Some ROH Champions have signed with WWE and others are still figuring everything out. After Supercard of Honor, hopefully we can better see what Khan has planned for AEW and ROH.