Superstar Nearing Return To WWE, Storm Appeals To AEW

superstar nearing return wwe
source: @itsbayleywwe, twitter, screenshot

After a long time off television, one Superstar is nearing a return to WWE. And, one released talent, Toni Storm, appeals to AEW and she may land there soon.

Superstar Nearing Return To WWE

If reports are to be believed, one Superstar is nearing their return to a WWE ring.

No, this time the reports are not about Cody Rhodes.

For months, fans have been speculating as to when and where we could see this return…and we may not have to wait much longer.

We have not seen Bayley since the early parts of last summer. The former champion suffered a freak injury during training at the Performance Center.

The injury required surgery and rehab, and as these knee injuries go…a 6 to 9 month time frame is usually what we can expect.

Well, since the injury, fans have hoped to see her for the Royal Rumble as a surprise participant. Such an appearance would have been on the short end of the recovery window.

superstar nearing return wwe

source: @itsbayleywwe, twitter, screenshot

And, for that moment in time where there was an unnamed entrant in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match…fans thought there was a chance then, too.

Still…no Bayley.

But, if reports via the Wrestling Observer are accurate, Bayley is now 100% cleared and ready to return.

Now…I probably don’t have to say it, but might as well point out the obvious…

This weekend is WrestleMania. Next week, we get the most anticipated RAW and SmackDown of the year, generally speaking.

In years past, the post-WrestleMania RAW (and SmackDown) have been used for NXT call-ups making their debuts, as well as other returns.

Could we see Bayley next week? It certainly seems possible, if not a sure thing.

And, if we do see her return…which Bayley comes back to WWE?

Storm Appeals To AEW

While Bayley was out, some Superstars had a chance to shine, and one walked out. Yet, reports indicate that Toni Storm appeals to AEW, and we may see her very soon.

For those who may have forgotten…

Toni Storm made relatively quick work of her time in NXT. She made a main roster debut last year, and nearly immediately got into a title program versus Charlotte Flair.

Pretty big stuff, right? Most young Superstars (and even some seasoned veterans) would love to have such a golden opportunity so soon.

superstar nearing return wwe

source: @tripleh, twitter, screenshot

And yet, something wasn’t clicking. Storm suddenly and unexpectedly asked for-and received-her release from WWE.

Now that her 90 day non-compete has expired, she’s free to move on to another gig, if she so desires.

One thing she already got going? She opened up an OnlyFans account recently, and was overwhelmed by early interest.

And, we’ve heard that Storm appeals to AEW, per PWInsider. So much so that we could see her as soon as tonight.

The women’s Owen Hart Cup bracket kicks off on the last Dynamite of March. There is a qualifying match scheduled, but The Bunny’s opponent is to be determined.

Could this be where we see Toni Storm become All Elite?

Or, would we instead see a different former WWE Superstar find a new home? After all, there are a few to choose from.