Stone Cold Is Going To WrestleMania – Now What?

Steve Austin WM 38
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After weeks of taunting and speculation, Kevin Owens laid out a challenge to Steve Austin. Owens, who for weeks had been looking for a WrestleMania match, came out at the end of the March 7th Monday Night Raw in an attempt to create his own WrestleMania moment. 

After taunting native Texans JBL, Booker, and Shawn Michaels, Owens set his sights on the biggest Texan in WWE history.

Austin didn’t take long to respond. Just like that Stone Cold has accepted the invitation. OH HELL YEA.

Will Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestle At WrestleMania?

In his acceptance, Austin seemed to indicate that he was down for a match. But WWE is still billing the appearance as the “KO Show.” I don’t expect Austin to wrestle a full-on match like he used to, but I could see him breaking out the black trunks (or the jorts) one last time and stomping a mudhole in KO.

This confrontation could go several ways. Austin could come out for a “KO Show” and be taunted into a match or just a “brawl” as Austin alluded to. But maybe the talk show tease is to leave open speculation and mystery about if Austin will actually return to in-ring action. WWE’s deliberate vagueness is fueling a lot of speculation. But one thing is clear, people want Austin to WRESTLE one last time. 


WWE is billing this year’s WrestleMania as the most “stupendenous” Showcase Of the Immortals Ever. They are pulling out all the stops, including bringing Austin out of retirement. People are hyped. Here are some of the best reactions. 

JBL said a lot what a lot of us are thinking, KO done MESSED UP!

My Thoughts

Again, we do not know if Austin will actually wrestle. But that certainly seems like the direction they’re going in. I like this angle because the audience might not know if Austin is up to the task. Heck, Austin himself might not know if he’s up to wrestle a match after 19 years away.

Also what a crazy ride for Owens. From an indie-darling who didn’t have the “look” to be a WWE star to taunting wrestling’s biggest icon out of retirement. I saw Owens wrestle in tiny gyms in front of 50 people. To see him here in this moment is incredible.

One thing remains clear though, WrestleMania is heating up to be quite STUPENDOUS. 

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