Scott Hall, Wrestling’s Razor Ramon, Passes Away At 63

Scott Hall

Scott Hall, known for his run in WWF as Razor Ramon and as an original member of the NWO, has passed away at age 63 following multiple heart attacks. 

Scott Hall’s Life And Career

Hall was born in Maryland and grew up an army brat, attending school in Germany. He then moved to Florida, where he began training under Dusty Rhodes, Mike Rotunda, and Barry Windham. 

Hall became a reliable mid-card talent for the next year eight years, teaming with Curt Hennig, Diamond Dallas Page, and others. 

However, Scott would reach the peak of his career when he became the Scarface-Esque Razor Ramon in WWF. As Ramon, Hall was involved in numerous high-profile feuds and became one of the longest-running Intercontinental Champions of all time.

His ladder match vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X is considered one of the greatest matches. 

But Hall soon became dissatisfied with the amount of money he was making. Hall and Kevin Nash then jumped ship to WCW, where they became known as the “Outsiders.” Hall and Nash revolutionized wrestling, becoming the “cool” heels who beat up the good guys and still had the audience going crazy for them. The two would team up with Hulk Hogan to form the NWO.

The NWO was the zenith of Hall’s career as he was a regular in the main event and became one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. 

However, towards the end of his time in WCW, Hall entered a downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse that would see him become a shell of his former self. Hall would struggle to be in and out of rehab for nearly a decade, including multiple hospital stays of heart issues. 

Finally, in 2013, Hall moved in with Diamond Dallas Page, who helped rehabilitate Hall. DDP organized a fundraiser that helped pay for Hall’s hip replacement and dental work. 

He would then be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, giving one of the most iconic speeches in the ceremony’s history.

In recent years Hall made numerous appearances for WWE and other indie promotions. 

Fans/Wrestlers Pay Tribute

Hall’s long-time tag partner Kevin Nash broke the news that Hall would be removed from life support once his family can make it in to pay final respects.


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He was a friend to a lot of people in the business.

Hall was an inspirational wrestler for a lot of talent.


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He was a true veteran of the business and always looked out for the guys coming up.

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Hall was always willing to do something special for the fans.

Thank you for the memories, Bad Guy. Please share your memories of Scott Hall in the comment section below.

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