Scott Hall Life Support
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We are learning that Scott Hall has unfortunately been put on life support after suffering several heart attacks. Also, Corey Graves thinks he needs to wrestle one official WWE match to be content with his career.

Scott Hall On Life Support

Scott Hall is in rough shape and continues to be hospitalized. PWTorch reports that Hall is on life support after suffering three heart attacks last night.

Last week, Hall underwent hip surgery. Although, there was a setback because a blood clot became loose.

Inside and outside the ring, Hall has always made news. When it came to competing and cutting promos, Hall could hold his own.

He first gained national attention as part of WWE. He won the Intercontinental Championship several times as “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon.

In the mid 1990s, Hall joined WCW and was a founding member of the NWO. Along with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan, the three changed the wrestling landscape.

In WCW, Hall also won numerous titles. Although, his personal demons eventually came into play.

Hall has been very open about his struggles with alcohol and drugs. Countless times he has been hospitalized or sent to rehab.

Eventually, he started working with DDP. There is something special about DDP, as he helped Hall get away from his past.

From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we send out our best wishes to Hall for a safe and speedy recovery.

Corey Graves – WWE In-Ring Return

Scott Hall Life Support

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Concussions have caused many in the pro wrestling business to retire early. That is what happened to Corey Graves, who went from wrestler to play by play announcer. 

Over the past 12 months, Graves has been able to be cleared for competition. After eight years away, Graves told Rasslin, he feels an official WWE match would complete his career.

“That was kind of the one missing piece of the puzzle was, ‘man, I still never got that official WWE match, the PPV match,’” said Graves. “I got to do the live event tours when I was still with NXT, so I got a taste of it there and I fell off the cliff before I got to make the jump.” 

“It’s just something that’s kind of been eating at me for the last, particularly, year or so. Seeing Christian come back, and seeing Edge come back, and Daniel Bryan a few years prior.” 

“It always has made me wonder, ‘what if? Am I able, would I be able to do that?’” 

“So I went and started the whole testing protocol last summer, almost right after WrestleMania last year. I went through and passed all the tests.”

Since being cleared, Graves did win the 24/7 Championship. His 30 second title reign did not see him get physical in any way.

Graves could have a spot at the announce table for years to come. Perhaps, give him that one match he desperately wants and deserves.