RAW In A Nutshell: Will WrestleMania Plans Become Clear?

wrestlemania plans become clear
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It’s our latest RAW in a Nutshell, and based on the teaser…will this year’s WrestleMania plans become clear after this week?

One can certainly hope, but there is no promise either.

Heading into this week’s RAW, we are expecting a few major draws.

For one, the recently returned Finn Balor takes on Damien Priest for the United States Championship.

That should be a good match…and perhaps we see a Priest (or Balor?) turn…

An even bigger question is set to hopefully get answered…and with it, some more WrestleMania plans might become clear.

Specifically, Edge is set to talk about his WrestleMania plans.

wrestlemania plans become clear

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While last week, there were a few veiled teases of a certain Nightmare…it sounds more like his opponent might be Phenomenal.

But, those plans might just become clear tonight.

We do know a handful of matches, including the headlining matches for each night.

But…beyond that…there is a lot to be determined. And for that, it is time for…

RAW In A Nutshell: Will WrestleMania Plans Become Clear?

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and find out!

Best Match of the night:

Balor and Priest, United States Championship match. Good stuff…but I would have liked to see it go even a bit longer.


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I think after the intros were said and done, it checked in around 11 minutes or so. It was the main event, but Edge was given the main event slot.

Worst match of the night:

Reggie and Dana Brooke versus Tamina and Tozawa.

I mean, I guess it was funny…but mixed tags like these just bother me.

Star of the Night

Your new United States Champion…Finn Balor.


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Spot of the Night:

Priest, laying out Balor with a slam on the announce table.

Or, those closing con-chair-to’s, that left little doubt we have yet ANOTHER newly minted heel in Edge.

Jobber of the Night:

This feels like…we could go with T-Barr, being fed to Omos.


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Upset of the Night:

Ciampa over Robert Roode seems to fit, no?

wrestlemania plans

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And of course, it sets up our latest NXT-RAW crossover, with The Dirty Dawgs heading to Florida to challenge Ciampa and NXT Champ Bron Breakker.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Well, it seemed it was coming…and we got it.

Damien Priest snapped at Balor and the fans following his title loss, and now we have a new heel.


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Probably a top heel, too. I liked Priest as a babyface, but to be honest, even going back to his run in NXT, I could see how he’d play well as a heel.

Now, we get to see if he can be a top heel…

Botch of the night:

How about not a botch…but some nice welts for a night’s work?

become clear

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LOL Moment of the night:

OK, this made me laugh…actually it made me mark out…


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But…any fan of ECW or Shane Douglas has to know this shirt. So, kudos to that fan for rocking it.

Also, this was either funny…or scary…

And, for what it’s worth, I think this is only OK because Tozawa expressed interest in Tamina in prior weeks (I believe).

Otherwise…that’s assault…not funny.

Noteworthy Moment:

We’ve been hearing rumblings of Pat McAfee in a WrestleMania match.


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Then, Vince McMahon was announced as a guest on his show for later this week. So, the dots began to be connected.

Smart folks had been speculating that perhaps Austin Theory would do the heavy lifting for the boss.


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Well…that sub-plot started to be established this week, with Theory offering to have McMahon’s back.

Question now is…could this be heading for a tag team match? Or is this going to be simply Theory as McMahon’s proxy?

A tag match could make sense, but if so…who teams with McAfee?

Also…on a night with a couple significant heel turns (which in itself, feels unusual this close to ‘Mania?), it seemed like we might be seeing hints of the Street Profits turning?

Or maybe that was just me? Either way, Orton seemed possibly legit hurt after Ford’s latest mega-splash.

Overall lowlights:

Look, I get that they are hyping the new YouTube series with Cory and Carmella…but in this day and age, do we really need Carmella talking about live sex celebrations?


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And…as we closed RAW, did we really need a heel Edge? Because that’s pretty much where we went.

Edge attacked Styles, and the fans were showering him largely with boos. I am guessing WWE wanted to/needed to start pushing Styles as a top babyface again?


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Overall highlights:

Balor and Priest was good stuff…but it is somewhat surprising, as we are a month away from WrestleMania, that we saw a fairly significant title change now.

Styles and Edge should be a top match, I would think. Already said my piece on an Edge heel turn, but either way the match should be great.

After the final bell:

That was an interesting RAW, and we can certainly say WrestleMania plans have become more clear.

The tag match between The Mysterios and the team of Logan Paul and The Miz? Confirmed.

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins look like they could win tag team gold next week…but KO continues to torment any Superstars with Texas roots.


source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Mr. McMahon’s young protege planted more seeds for what’s to come on Thursday…so there will certainly be something there for ‘Mania.

Damien Priest? He’s going to work a match in Texas too, but he will do it as a heel for sure.

And, so too will Edge, and we now know he is definitely taking on AJ Styles.

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