Natalya Almost Retired, Titus O’Neil Still Part Of WWE?

Natalya Almost Retired WWE
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Natalya almost retired from pro wrestling, but a conversation changed everything for the WWE superstar. Also, Titus O’Neil is recovering from surgery.

Natalya Almost Retired

Superstars come and go in WWE as that is the nature of the business. There are a handful that last over a decade, but those are few.

For whatever reason, the male superstars seem to last longer. The women’s division in WWE frequently changes, but one thing has remained the same.

Natalya has been with WWE since 2007. She spent a few years working developmental, although the past 14 years she has been on the main roster.

In 2006, Natalya was struggling as he she was dealing with a torn ACL from competing in Japan. She was going to retire, but then spoke to her uncle Bret Hart and future NWA owner, Billy Corgan.

She opened up on My Love Letter To Wrestling.

“I remember telling Bret Hart right before his Hall of Fame ceremony,” said Natalya. “I said, ‘I think this is a sign that I need to get out of this.’ Bret said, ‘No, you have to keep going.’”

“A lot of people don’t realize how much Billy was influential in my earlier years of pro wrestling because when I met him, that was in one of the hardest times of my career because I was told that I would be out 9-12 months. I tore my ACL in Japan doing a moonsault.” 

“I tore my ACL, LCL, PCL, and shattered my kneecap. It was just a mishap, a little language barrier where I thought I was doing a press, and the person that was catching me didn’t take the bump.”

“I remember when I met Billy Corgan at Bret’s Hall of Fame ceremony. We ended up becoming friends.” 

Why Natalya Did Not Retire And How She Landed In WWE

“He said, ‘You have to keep going. You have to fight.’” 

“He was telling me stories about his own career and how much he fought. I started listening to more of his music and realized this guy is phenomenal.”

Natalya is sort of jack of all trades. She can be a heel or face with one promo.

Even though she has not held too much gold in WWE, Natalya has already paved a path for the future.

She is likely a WWE Hall Of Famer and will have a job there for life. With her husband, Tyson Kidd, being a backstage producer, they make for a perfect couple.

Titus O’Neil Still Part Of WWE?

Natalya Almost Retired WWE

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Titus O’Neil has not wrestled for WWE very much in the last three years. He is still employed by the company, despite some thinking he has retired.

On 95.3 WDAE, O’Neil reveled he underwent some surgery.

“I’m not retired,” said O’Neil. “I haven’t wrestled in a minute, but I had a procedure done on my knees that I’m rehabbing.” 

“A lot of people don’t know that so they just assumed that I’ve been retired, but I’m a global ambassador for the company. I’m in Saudi Arabia and everywhere else, so that should show somebody that I’m not retired and I’m still with the company.”

While not wrestling, O’Neil remain busy. Last year, he hosted WrestleMania and was presented with the Warrior Award for helping communities.

O’Neil will not be remembered for his wrestling, but he will get credit for all the positive he brings into the world. 

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